Chapter 22

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Gu qiqi sneered.

It was these people who had framed her in the past.

Their bitter words exposed their ugly faces!

One day, I will tear down your hypocritical face, so that you can taste what it is like being unable to escape, living a life that would let you taste death. Just you wait."

She gently spit out these words, indifferently picking up the scalpel, and looking at the man on the bed.

The man had great looks, unfortunately due to too much blood loss, his face was too pale.

Gu Qi QI touched his chin: "Sick beautiful man, you should thank me, since I saved your life! Otherwise you would have died in 7 days. But, you do not have to thank me too much, after all, only if you live, would I have a chance!"

She covered up the man, then pushed open the door.

She did not notice that on the bed, the pale man's fingers moved on the side she treated.

Suddenly, the man braced himself upwards his charming eyes staring fiercly!

Deep in thought, he watched Gu Qi Qi's petite and exquisite back, as she disappeared through the door.

"Woman, you are very courageous......"

Gu Qi Qi did not know what they were thinking about.

Going to the bodyguard, she handed him a small brown vial: "Give this to your president three times a day, it absolutely cannot be missed. Within seven days, he will be able to wake up."

The bodyguard frowned, thinking that this nurse simply had excess courage, she dared to order them around?

However, she without waiting for them to say anything, Gu Qi Qi quickly left.

Gu Qi Qi trotted away, because she was familiar with the hospital layout, she escaped Gu Qiushan and the others, quickly leaving their line of site.

The Second Floor Obstetrics and gynecology examination room.

She opened the door, and quickly searched for the things that Xiao Feng needed – pregnancy test sticks.

Thinking about it for a moment, she grabbed two.

That night, on the operating table with that mysterious man who took advantage of her, there had been some troubling liquid left behind in her body.

She had been locked away for three days, without the chance to take medecine, she did not know if any symptoms would show up.

Clutching the pregnancy test sticks, she ran downstairs, while calling Xiao Feng: "Little Xiao Feng, I got what you wanted, are you at home?"

Through the phone, the sound of muffled sounds came through: "Ah......well......"

Additionally thumping sounds could be heard.

Gu Qi Qi was suddenly uncertain.

She was about to ask, when suddenly, a strong force caused her to stop.

Her arm was pulled and sudenly in pain.

"Miss Qi Qi, I'm sorry if I offended you."

The gray-haired adjutant was full of apologies.

Gu Qi QI stared at the adjutant while he handcuffed her arms together, her tone full of ironic ridicule: "You have offended me."

The adjutant embarrassedly coughed twice.

Somehow, this girl Qi Qi is obviously a recently graduated high school girl, yet he felt that when she was angry, her anger and atmosphere did not lose out to the Chief.

"I'm sorry, Miss Qi Qi, please come back to the troops with me."

"How did you know that I was here? Weren't you supposed to return in seven days?" she asked frowning.

Even if her escape was found out by that impotent overbearing tyrant, it was impossible for him to come back from the battlefield just to find her.

The adjutants face looked even more embarrassed.

He did not know how to answer Gu Qi Qi.

Was he supposed to say the truth, that during combat Chief Gong had heard that she had knocked out the soldiers and escaped, immediately furious like thunder, he quickly decisively settled everything, boarded a fighter jet and came back?

As soon as he came back, his first order was to catch her and bring her home!

He did not dare say this ah, would it not seem that Chief Gong cared about her?

Wouldn't it allow the little girl to get more arrogant?

While the adjutant hesitated, at the head of the corridor, Zhu Fen triumphantly came forward: "I knew there was a secret, so you did not want to wait for you rich man, and decided to escape today? Didn't you claim that we were crazy at the school, hmph, now, who is in the wrong?"

Speaking as if she was clever, after Zhu Fen was beaten at school, the adjutant had arrived at the school to find someone, when she saw the soldier, she guess that Gu Qi Qi had definitely committed a crime.

Immediately, Gu Xue Xue also came over, with a gloating expression that she was too lazy to hide, she said: "Sister, even if it is to sell yourself out, you should have a little bit of professional ethics right? You sold yourself and ran away, just what is going on?"

Gu Qi Qi's expression immediately grew cold.

Sell herself out?

By this, Gu Xue Xue was likening her to being a 'prostitute'!

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