Chapter 20

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Gu Qi Qi finished wiping her hand, looked at Zhu Fen's face, her voice unemotional yet attractive as she said: "Ah, very symmetrical, you should thank me."

Three days ago, she had slapped the right side of Zhu Fen's face in the hospital, since the swelling had not faded, and today she had slapped the left side of her face, making the swelling symmetric.

It looked perfect.

Zhu Fen was furious!

Rushing towards her with her nails like claws, she tried to tear off Gu Qi Qi's face.

On the side, Gu Xue Xue suddenly shoved her and winked.

Zhu Fen was momentarily surprised, then understanding, clutched her face, and dramatically fell to the floor crying: "Gu Qi Qi hit me! Gu Qi Qi the trusted college entrance examination champion is bullying students. My face, my legs, my stomach, ahhhh the pain!"

Gu Qi Qi watched her performance coldly, her lips silently twitching – I only slapped your face, how is the rest of your body in pain?

She dusted off her fingers, and got ready to leave.

"Stop! Do you have a reason to hit a student? You're really terrible!" snapped someone, scolding her from the back.

Gu Qi Qi frowned, turning around she looked and saw the principal and the lead teacher who had appeared sometime ago in the crowd.

She lifted her chin, and lightly said: "That she felt free enough to fabricate rumors, and openly slander my reputation, is that not reasonable enough? Moral enough?"

The teacher angrily stared at her and snapped: "You are the college entrance examination champion, and have good grades, why can't you let the other students be? And you are still talking back?"

Gu Qi Qi lifted a brow.


A student with good grades should be the one getting scolded?

If the college examination champion gets cursed and scolded by other students, she shouldn't fight back?

What is this bullshit?

The principal looked at her and frowned: "Is this what you use your studying for? A female student, mixing together with men, acting immoral, living a chaotic lifestyle, ruining our school reputation! And you still dared to come back with no shame?"

Gu Qi Qi just stared her expression becoming colder.

If it was just the students looking for gossip, then that was fine, but now even the lead teacher and the principle were attempting to put this pot of shit on her head until she caved in......this was definitely not normal.

She used to be a low-key person in the past, buried in her school work, she never noticed or thought about it deeply, but while she was a good student, she was never close to any teacher, instead the school catered to and pampered Gu Xue Xue.

And once when she took a test, the teacher suspected her of copying Gu Xue Xue's papers.

Using a special pen Gu Xue Xue received 90 points.

That was the highest score Gu Xue Xue had ever gotten in her life.

She who got a full score, would copy someone who only got 90 points? The teacher really had the nerve to say that.

At that moment, she thought of the answer – these people were probably bribed by Gu Mei Feng.

Afraid of her genius and that she would resist, she decided to buy off the people surrounding her to suppress her.

Her anger quenched, Gu Qi Qi calmly said: "I lost my entrance examination form, I came back to fill out another one."

Gu Xue Xue quickly interjected "Sister you're remembering wrong, you didn't lose it, I helped you turn it in."

The lead teacher laughed: "Gu Qi Qi, look at you sister and learn to behave like that, look at how kind and friendly she is."

Learn to be like your sister!

Look at how kind and friendly? Oh really!

Gu Qi Qi ignored her, and directly stated: "It wasn't filled out by my hand, I would like a new copy to personally fill out."

The principal lied with a straight face: " Regarding your examination form, of course you cannot recollect it and refill it, do you think this school is your house, where you can just do whatever you want?"

Gu Qi Qi gaze coldly swept over them: "Since I cannot refill it, there is no need to listen to your nonsense."

After saying her piece, she ignored these people, and quickly headed towards the front gate to leave.

Zhu Fen was still rolling on the ground, and Gu Xue Xue was furious......she just left? She wanted her to stay so she could continue to humiliate her.

The principals face was purple from his fury, he had never had such a student, who refused to give him face!

And she dared say he was speaking nonsense!

He was really angry.

Although the principal was angry, he still comforted Gu Xue Xue saying: "Xue Xue ah, go home and tell your mother, your sister wanted to change her mind, but we have already turned in her examination forms which was filled out for Qincheng Nursing School to go into the nursing profession.

Then, speaking in a low voice so only the two of them can hear: "Rest assured, We will select the worst school, and the worst profession."

Gu Xuexue finally smiled.


Gu Qi Qi was outside the school gate searching for her motorbike.

Her hands were tightly clutching the handlebars, while her bottom lip was white from teeth biting deeply,

These people were too shameless! Too black hearted!

One by one they were reaching out their evil hands and trying to push her into the abyss.


She would never submit!

Changed her form selection, and refused to let her refill it, so what?

They thought that she was trapped, her will broken right?

Wrong! She still had a way!

Nobody would stop her,, she just had to be a bit more creative, and take every chance in order to survive.

She was going to the hospital to find that person.

That person will be able to help her. But the premise was that she had to help him first......

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