Chapter 19

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Gu Qi Qi quick as lightening, calmed her head down.

Did her coming back to the past, mean she was also head of time in some aspects?

In the past life, her friend Xiao Feng, because she got pregnant while at college, was chased out by classmates, unable to bear the harassment, she jumped and committed suicide.

Xiao Feng was a cool girl, very smart, candid, humorous, often referring to herself as 'Xiao Ye', 'Xiao Ye, but with one wrong step, compounding onto each other, she and Gu Qi Qi both, were crushed by the gears of destiny.

Gu Qi Qi lips tightened, her slender fingers clenched, since she was alive again, she would absolutely not let her friend have such a terrible outcome.

"Don't worry, slowly tell me what happened? Who is the man?" Gu Qi Qi walked a few steps forward, her voice cold and calm.

"It was that night that I was going to help you steal the forms, I had already succeeded, and was getting ready to leave the office building, when I met him, he was so strong......"

"He? Who is he?"

Gu Qi Qi asked when Xiao Feng was at a loss of words.

That 'he', she was too ashamed, she could not say it ah!

Xiao Feng whimpered: "In short, Qi Qi, the forms were shredded, and I could not complete the task for you, wah wah, you can curse me!"

"You fool, you're still worried about the examination forms. It's important that we solve your problem first. Did you take an emergency contraceptive?"

"What......what is that?"

"It is a medicine you take afterwards, although it might hurt the body a bit, but since there is no choice, it's better to use it."

"No ah, waaaaaah, I'm locked in at home. Qi Qi, I've have been staying with my relatives house for three days, though they haven't come back yet, I'm feeling sick, I not pregnant?"

The incomparably chic and cool Xiao Ye, at this moment was like a helpless apprehensive girl.

Gu Qi Qi took a deep breath, using a doctor's professional gentle tone to comfort her she said: "It has only been three days, you cannot display pregnancy signs so fast. If you're really worried, I will go and buy you a pregnancy stick test. If you're really pregnant, do not be afraid, I will help you!"

Gu Qi QI said this in a quiet tone, so Xiao Feng inexplicably felt her mind at peace: "Okay, Qi Qi thank you, I owe you a favor......"

"Did you not say that we wouldn't have favors between us?"

"Yes. I Xiao Feng and you Gu Qi Qi are sworn sisters who would take a blade for eachother, you don't owe me anything!"

"That's more like it, hang up and wait for my message."

Gu Qi Qi put her phone down, behind her, Gu Xue Xue and Zhu Fen were still talking, psychologically provoking the students to gossip.

Such vicious language, those shameless people were trying to create a show.

"Were you listening, she said she was going to buy a pregnancy test stick, certainly she was with that old man for money......"

"I hear that the old man doesn't like to wear a condom, and just directly entered......"

"Tsk tsk, she did not go home to sleep these past few days, hasn't she been with several old men, and if she was pregnant, does she even know whose it was?"

"Ha ha, haven't you heard the word 'bastard' was made to describe Gu QI Qi this shameless woman-ah!!! It hurts it hurts......"

(T/N so where it says bastard the word also means hybrid which is a derogatory term used to describe a woman not knowing who the father is. )

Zhu Fen was speaking vigorously when, when suddenly the left side of her face felt pain, and her head was hit with force, twisting it to the side.

Then she belatedly heard a crisp "slap- slap" twice.

Zhu Fen's face immediately swelled up.

Clutching the left side of her face, she angrily pointed at Gu Qi Qi: You, you hit me again!!!"

Gu Qi Qi glanced at her with cold eyes, her pink lips lifting upwards: "I hit a bastard. Since bastards are shameless, why not fight back?"

She said it lightly, as she took out a disinfectant wipe.

Wiping her hands, she flung it into Zhu Fen's face as usual.

This was implying that Zhu Fen's face was so disgusting, that it dirtied her hand

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