Chapter 18

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Gu Qi Qi was being held in the barracks, apart from her eating and sleeping she was not mistreated. However she did not hear any news from the outside.

At noon, taking advantage of the soldier that brought her food, she pretended to casually ask a sentence: "I heard that there was a criminal gang in South Yunnan that killed many people. The old man personally went this time, do you know when he would be back?"

The soldier closed his mouth, and dared not answer.

Gu Qi Qi arched a brow, deliberately sighed, then awkwardly continued: "Ah, I'm worried about that old man. The more I don't know the truth, the more worried I get."

The soldier was momentarily surprised.

He did not know Gu Qi Qi's identity, he only knew that the adjutant had explained that they must give her good food and drink.

Listening to the girl calling him 'old man' so affectionately, does this mean that this was the little tender housewife of the adjutant?

Tsk tsk, that old adjutant, with his head full of white hair, did not expect that like the old cow who wanted new grass, it was the romantic affair between the fruit of the pear tree and a begonia.

(T/N that last sentence I am not sure it is translated right. But from what I understand of the idiom it's basically old man + young girl in a relationship scandal (the original was an 80yo man and 18yo girl). Here's the og text: 没想到还喜欢老牛啃嫩草、一树梨花压海棠这种风流韵事。)

The soldier suddenly relaxed, laughing he smiled and said: "It's supposed to take seven days. Little sister in law, the adjutant will be able to come back with the Commander."

What? Seven days?

That was too late! Way too late!

Gu Qi Qi disappointedly waved: "Got it."

The soldier thought that she was very poor, and brought through illegal channels muttered: "Well, no wonder why us soldiers can't find wives, what woman was willing to stay alone?"

The soldier was about to close the door, when suddenly, a faint aroma hit him from behind.

A slender arm slid around and suddenly latched onto his wrist!

"Little sister in law! You're so ruthless......"

The soldier stared at her in horror, then his arms hung limply, and he fainted.

Gu Qi Qi dusted off her fingers.

Fortunately, her medical knowledge had not gone rusty, and she could identify acupuncture points accurately.

As long as the man did not have the same kind of strength as Gong Jue, taking out one or two, was no problem for her.

"Silly roe deer, do not casually pity poor people! Especially a seemingly weak woman!"

(T/N roe deer are mad cute but when they're being hunted turn to look back at the hunters and die. Basically you're a FOOL)

Gu Qi Qi arrogantly slammed the door, and quickly left.

The first thing she did was escape from the barracks-

Bought batteries and put in her phone.

Rebooting it, she saw a long list of missed calls, all of them are Xiao Feng's.

She immediately called back, but received the 'beep beep beep' tone indicating the phone was busy.

Frowning, she decided to go to Qingcheng high school to see what the situation was.

Today was the day for the examination form submissions, so the students were heading back to school.

If nothing else, Xiao Feng should also be in the classroom, and the teacher would be doing the final form confirmation.


Qingcheng High School

Gu Qi Qi sped up her footsteps, just as she entered the school gate, she ran straight into Gu Xue Xue and Zhu Fen.

Gu Xue Xue in a spoiled tone, deliberately raised her voice and said: "Sister, you have not come home for so many days, I thought you no longer wanted to study!"

Zhu Fen vulgarly added: "Xue Xue don't you know, she took a big man into the semen collection room, maybe she is not dedicated to that rich old man, and decided to go and do that kind of service!"

Next to them the students who did not intern in the hospital curiously asked: "What is semen collection?

Zhu Fen gave a wretched smile: "It's squeezing an old man's milk out!"

Everyone was in an uproar, the student's surround them increased more and more saying:

"Wow, Qi Qi is the college entrance examination champion, how could she do such a thing?"

"Who can say, old men like to play with this kind of student that appears pure and good on the surface, wouldn't playing with the college entrance examination champion be more exciting?"

"God, look at her skirt, it......was all torn up......"

"Tsk tsk, playing around with men......"

"You don't say, how much do you think she is a night?"

Gu QI QI coldly looked at these people, deliberately trying to discredit her.

Her skirt was torn from climbing over the barrack walls when they snagged on the hooked wires.

Even that night with that overbearing impotent man, did not tear her skirt.

She suddenly felt that she would rather deal with that overbearing hateful man, than be with these gossipy disgusting group of people.

Just as she was turning back, suddenly, her phone rang.

Xiao Feng was calling.

She quickly answered: "Xiao Feng, I'm sorry, that night I had an accident......"

Xiao Feng did not wait for her to finish, and interrupted her in a repressed tearful voice, saying: "Qi Qi, what should I do, I, I think I might be pregnant......"

"What?" Qu Qi Qi felt as if she was struck by lightning.

Fearless Xiao Feng who was not afraid of any bully in Qingcheng, Xiao Feng Xiao Ye, was......pregnant?

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