Chapter 17

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Gu Qi Qi was about to explode.

This man was hopelessly overbearing.

Obviously he was the one taking advantage of her, okay?

How could she have seduced him? But also force him to detain her?

"Commander, the forces are ready." The adjutant reported.

"Find someone to watch her! You and I are leaving." Gong Jue ordered, getting out of the car.

Everything happened almost instantaneously.

Gu Qi Qi had no time respond as she saw the originally flat wide road landing a fighter plane.

The sound from the roaring aircrafts turbines, negated all sound making it seem unreal.

The wind flew in from the door, blowing Gu Qi Qi's skirt up, with the glare of the search light, she suddenly couldn't tell what was happening.

She could only vaguely distinguish that tall strong back, as if the general was a god, and the soldiers who were crowding into the fighter planes, were like the clouds at the foot of the general.

This scene that would only appear on a movie, was happening right in front of her.

The soldiers set off along with their cold general for their life and death mission......

She had not forgotten the adjutants words when he had answered the phone and repeated the phrase 'the enemy is very cruel, they used poison and spread the deadly gas, and without discrimination killed men, women, and children, sparing not even a blade of grass'.

The door blew shut at that moment, and the man seemed to have glanced back.

Was he looking at her?

Afraid that she had escaped?

Gu Qi Qi lifted her eyes, tightened her lips, and stared back-

"You overbearing man! You better come back alive, otherwise, I will definitely run away!" she whispered softly.

Huh? Why was she a bit worried about him?

Later that night.

Gu Qi Qi was taken to the military base, and held in the barracks.

The barrack was clean, the design simple.

With an exception to the camping bed, the room contained nothing!

Although she secretly grabbed her phone and brought it along, however, Gong Jue had long since thrown out the battery, her phone had become a useless brick.

Staying here and being in jail, there was simply no difference ah.

Gu Qi Qi was really worried, she marched over to the bed, but for a long time couldn't sleep.

She was not worried about that overbearing impotent man, he would go perform his duty and not die.

Not worried in the least!

She was just......worried about her friend Xiao Feng who had gone to help her steal a new examination form, had anything happened? She could not find her, should she not worry?

She was also worried about her brother Gu Xiao Bei, was he getting bullied in the nursing home? The next round of treatment costs, would Gu Mei feng not cover it?

She then thought of that mysterious perverted man in the operating room, in the end who was he?

She had no answers to all these things, so she had to stop and think about her next step, which should be what university should she apply to, to help her reverse her fate in this life?

She must cut a striking figure in the medical world, and emerge is the best medical genius, only then would she have the opportunity to become the world's top doctor, and therefore find a way to completely cure her younger brother's illness.

She wanted to make a lot of money, but that money, she would not give a dime to the Gu family.

On the contrary, she wanted to pull down the Gu family, so that all their attempts completely fail, and she could appreciate their embarrassment and madness of their defeat.

"Little Bei, do not worry, you have no mother, but your sister is here."

"This sister will live this life in wanton arrogance, and never let anyone bull us anymore."

Gu Qi Qi was being held by Gong Jue for a full three days.

Sitting there and counting the days on her fingers, Gu Qi Qi was gradually getting anxious.

The deadline to get her registration form, today was the last day!

If she could not get it submitted today, it would be considered late.

The reason was that the school compiled all the registration forms into a secret file, and handed it to the Department of Education.

Her eyes closed as she imagined that Gu Mei Feng and Gu Xue Xue would have convinced her father Gu Qiushan, who would have taken her college entrance examination form, and selected nursing school for her, allowing her to be just an ordinary nurse!

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