Chapter 16

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This posture......was actually a bit like before on the operating table, because of the drug Bai Lang gave him, he was unable to control himself, and took advantage of that strange woman.

Gong Jue's adams apple bobbed.

His mouth dry, his throat parched.

"You'll think you can just write and write, and that you can just change it on a whim? What 'll happen to me?"

"What do you want? Please, sir, can you get to the point?

"I want you to be really convinced with your mouth!"

(T/N so he wanted her to confirm that she was convinced but the characters were can be interpreted as oral sex hence the confusion I think?)


Sitting in the driver's seat, the adjutant heart once again stopped beating.

Convinced he knew, but this 'oral'......

Could the Chief mean to let Miss Qi Qi, with her 'mouth'......kneel?

Aiyah, too evil, the chief was too wicked.

Who said that the Chief avoided women the way snakes avoid scorpions, the original head was not close to women, but instead.....was mesao ah.

(T/N basically mensao means tsundere cold on the outside, ooey gooey on the inside because they don't know how to express themselves.)

While the adjutant was still distracted, Gong Jue said in a cold tone, breaking the silence in the car.

"Are you going to give up verbally, or should I not move?"

Gu Qi Qi gritted her teeth: "I Give up".

"Can I get hard or not?"


"Say it louder!"

"Hard hard hard!" Gu Qi Qi vengefully answered

This man must be paranoid.

If not paranoia, what else could it be?

Of course, OCD, mania, megalomania,......this man was very sick.

Gu Qi Qi conscience said doctors were supposed to care for the sick.

"Now are you satisfied? Can you let me go? Hey–"

Gu Qi Qi twisted her waist, trying to get out of the mans trap.

However, Gong Jue not only did not let her up, but increased the pressure making it tighter.

That "Hard! Hard! Hard!" said by Gu Qi Qi has made him a bit harder. Now that Gu Qi Qi is twisting her hip, this make his hard steel feels very empty, as if there is nowhere to place itself.

Let go of her?


He must be close to her little arms and legs, in order to slightly ease his deep discomfort and restlessness.

Even with a soldier's will of iron, he could not overcome instinct.

"Hey, you are indecent!"

Gu Qi Qi could not be calm.

She was innocent, but she could also feel the man's child bearing object, expanding at an extremely dangerous speed, tightly pressed against her leg and genitals.

What would happen next, she could not imagine!

Before when she thought he was impotent, at least she was safe, but he actually took the initiative, and trapped her in a closed car, she was too passive.

An hour ago, she was just in the operating room where that abnormal/sick man took advantage of her, the parts between her legs also faintly hurt, in any case she could not afford to go through such a thing once again.

Her forehead started sweating from the tension.

Inside the car, was the quiet before the storm!

The mans heavy body pressed down, when suddenly, there was the sound of a mobile phone ringing.

In the driver's seat, the adjutant embarrassedly whispered for Gong Jue to pick up the phone: "Commander Gong, Hello.The chief the middle of an issue. You have to report something short. What? The South Yunnan border criminals bombed an outpost and massacred the whole village? They didn't let the young men and women go? Even the babies were......okay, I will immediately report to the Chief!"

In the back, Gong Jue heard the phrase "Massacred the entire village" from the adjutant. After hearing that, he quickly got up from Gu Qi Q's body.

The man, who was controlled by love and lust in the previous moment, is now sitting up squarely.

"Have the fighters on standby, We'll immediately set out to South Yunnan!" The man's tone was one of a decisive military man.

Cold, majestic.

Gu Qi Qi's body finally felt light, the sense of oppression had finally been alleviated.

However, the next second.

The man coldly ordered: "Take this woman back to the barracks, and lock her down until I return."


He was going to imprison her?

"What reason ah, you don't have the right to detain me!"

"Attempting to seduce military officers!"


When did she seduce him?

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