Chapter 14

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Gu Qi Qi was still young after all so she blushed.

At last, she was forced towards the military car.

She really could not believe it, that this man sitting inside the military car would really kill her?

The adjutant looked at the stubborn little girl, who finally entered the car, he was relieved, but laughing inside his heart.

Ha Ha, Miss Qi Qi, sorry, but I just lied.

My family's Master Jue ah, it was definitely impossible for him to hold down a woman.

For a woman, Chief Gong avoided them like snakes avoided scorpions.

He could not even touch them, how could he hold them?

The door opened, and then shut.

Gu Qi Qi was stuffed into the rear seat of the car.

The man stared at her the moment she came in, his face in a severe frown, it seemed that even looking at her was disgusting to him.

Gu Qi Qi was quite angry.

Writing that you were impotent was my fault, but then you tied me up, and also despise me, and you couldn't even let me go.

Her pink lips lifted: "Wasn't it you yourself who didn't let me check it? Just take of your pants. However, I'll have to trouble you to untie the rope first, or how was I supposed to check it?"

The adjutant was driving in the front shivered, hearing those words he almost immediately stopped, and could barely keep the car within the lines.

Off......take off his pants?

Miss Qi Qi, in this world, there is not a woman who would dare to take of Chief Gongs pants ah.

Gong Jue just turned his head slowly.

Faint blue veins were beating visibly on his forehead, exposing his feelings of frustration.

He stared coldly at Gu Qi Qi, then took out a pair of military gloves, and put it on.

Gu Qi Qi's lips tightened, her heart pounding, now way, was he really going to kill the witness?

Did he wear the gloves in order to keep off the blood, and avoid leaving fingerprints?

She was finally reborn once more, hadn't even lived for a full night, and yet was going to die in the car at the hands of an impotent male?

The next second, she felt the oppressive atmosphere suddenly increase!

The mans burly and stiff body in moments had her whole person pressed into the back seat of the car.


Gu Qi Qi's legs were forced to separate by the man's hard knee, he held her tied hands up high, her whole body was like prey that had been completely captured without a fight, like a present in fronthe this man.

"Aren't you a nurse?" Although Gong Jue's actions were very evil, his eyes and focus were very clear, "Isn't taking off the pants something that you should do? Do the nurses not serve the guests?"

Gu Qi Qi because of this humiliating action, her rebellious mind was aroused, delicately pursing her mouth she said: "Sorry, nurses only serve the patient. If you are crazy/sick, I can consider helping you."

Gong Jue's face was layered with anger: "I order you to give me your unconditional obedience!"

This bold woman, actually dared to say that he was crazy/sick?

"I am not one of your soldiers, why would I listen to your orders?"

"How dare you mess around with my medical examination report , spreading rumors/making trouble!"

"Oh, that is the truth, how is it a rumor? You obviously did not get it up, so the collection machine couldn't even measure anything."

"Now I'll let you see if nothing can't be collected."

"Well then, just go and watch a movie, and collect the sample with your own hands, what does it have to do with me?"

"You are a nurse, you will come!"

"You are crazy–"

Gu Qi Qi just wanted to go back

The next second, she was suddenly aware, of something hard poking her on top of her legs!

That thing is......

She suddenly lifted her large dark eyes, staring at the mans sullen face, gritting her teeth she snarled: "Rotten scoundrel!"

The adjutant glanced into the mirror, watching the silly scene.

His family's Master Jue, can't hold a woman, can't touch a woman?

Now not only touching, holding, and pressing against her, and now seemingly also......hard? Wailing!

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