Chapter 9

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"Find all the nurses that performed the male examinations tonight and bring them to me!"

On the sofa, Gong Jue Leng was as cold as ice, his tone cold as he ordered everyone to go.

The hospital dean and several doctors filed out one by one in silence.

Only after they were far away did they dare whisper.

"Terrible, this is too terrible! Before, those female doctors used to say that when they'd see that Lord from the distance, he was so handsome that they couldn't keep their legs closed! Have they gone blind?"

"When I saw the soldiers, they were mostly very cautious not to speak or laugh. This Lord is just like the King of Hell."

"And being in a room with that man for even a second is just torture ah"

"I can't imagine what will happen to the female nurse, when she is trapped in that room with him, what will be her terrible fate."

In that room, that Gong Jue Leng's cold facial expression had not yet dispersed.

On one side, there was a slovenly man dressed in a white Western-style suit, supporting his head with his arm as he sat lazily, laughing very happily at him.

"Gong Jue, all these years I have never seen you take the initiative to find a woman, is the sun rising from the north?"

Gong Jue shot the man in white a cold glance.

"When did I take the initiative? The woman from the operating room was timid, while the woman from the semen collection room is quite daring!"

"Haha, give me a break, if the man does not take the initiative how would it happen?It's just that you are allergic to touching them, aren't you happy that there's a woman that can get close to your body? Or will still twist off her neck?......"

The man in white laughed unrestrainedly, before suddenly reacting: "Hey, hold on! So, tonight you were touched by two women???No that can't be ha ha......!"


Unable to get close to women, Gong Jue Leng had actually been hurt by two women.

Hahaha, this was enough to keep him laughing for a whole year.

Gong Jue Leng's eyes deepened, blue veins protruding from his forehead, as he said solemnly: "Bai Lang, I have not settled my account with you yet, didn't you give me something to drink?"

He would never take the initiative and touch a woman, yet today ended up touching two.

After the shower, he thought carefully, and the only strange thing tonight happened when he was in the VIP room and Bai Lang handed him a cup of tea.

That tea was suspicious.

Bai Lang touched his nose guiltily: "Buddy I......I wanted your physical examination to go smoothly, so I added a little medicine, but really, I did not think

"You gave me drugs?" Gong Jue Leng snapped.

"No, no, no, I'm an ethical, honorable doctor, how could I carelessly give you medicine? I only wanted to boost your sex drive, for the sake of your examination......" Bai Lang said, guiltily muttering on the side, "I was afraid that after so many years with contact with a woman, when it came time to collect semen, and you were facing the machine it wouldn't be able to get up"

Who expected that this living King of Hell, would actually be aroused, in the operating room with that girl, and in the semen collection room with that nurse......

Wait wait! He seemed to have missed a huge event.

Bai Lang suddenly bounced up from the sofa, went to Gong Jue Leng's side, and without any warning or explanation grabbed his hands, carefully scrutinizing it: "Impossible! This can't be true! You touched a woman, and haven't an an allergic reaction or attack? Not one but two, and you can still stand here in front of the gods? You're still alive! I have followed your illness for ten years......"

Gong Jue Leng frowned, unhappily throwing him off: "Get far away from me, don't you know that you're as annoying as a woman!"

This unserious friend of his, he had to listen to his nonsense for half the day, when he just wanted him to care for his condition.

How did he end up agreeing to let this bastard be his primary physician? He definitely was not his friend.

"No No, I am not the same as a woman, When I touch you you will not......ah—-why did you hit me? Oh the chief wants to kill his friends-"Bai Lang started howling exaggeratedly.

Suddenly, the door was gently pushed open.

A small little dumpling blinked at the people with big eyes, staring seriously at Bai Lang and Gong Jue Leng: "Daddy, Uncle Lang, you cannot be so naive and actually fight here right?"

The little dumpling walked in with his tiny legs, stepped in, and sighed, speaking in an old fashioned voice he continued: "Don't you know that the rumor outside says that you two are a couple. They say my daddy only likes men. You are so loud, are you trying to make the rumors outside real?"

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