Chapter 7: The Remarkable Big Secret Between Uncle And You

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Gu Qiqi drove her motor bike straight back to the Gu Family home.

She did not hear Zhu Fen behind her angrily calling Gu Xue Xue: "Xue Xue, your stupid sister went crazy today, she actually dared to hit me with her bike, but she also said that she's thinking about becoming a doctor, I'm furious!"

"Shouldn't she have been in the emergency room, helping out your dad?" Gu Xue Xue asked charmingly, her tone unhurried.

Stupid sister? Ha ha, she was very satisfied with this name.

Although Gu Qi Qi's academic performance has always been better than hers, from when they were little until now Gu Qi Qi had been the so called "Straight A student", but unfortunately, in her eyes, she was nothing better than a fool!

With the exception of learning, she was good at nothing else, not even reading the body language of other people!

This kind of person was supposed to be the heir of the Gu family? Give her a break.

"Your stupid sister slipped away!"

"What?" Gu Xue Xue asked in an anxious tone, "Didn't I say that tonight she was supposed to be taught a lesson she would never forget? Your father was supposed to take her to the operating table, have her make a small mistake on the patient, and then give her punishment?"

"I......I told my father and he promised to do so. Xue Xue don't worry, if it doesn't work this time, then the next time......" Zhu Fen was at a loss for words

She had just patronized and quarreled with Gu Qi Qi, yet actually forgot this, otherwise, she would have said anything to stop Gu Qi Qi from leaving.

"The next time?" Gu Xu Xue asked her voice turning cold, "Don't you know that the college entrance forms will soon be submitted! Who can wait for the next time! Forget it, I don't want to talk to you."

Gu Xue Xue irritably hung up the phone, in her heart scolding Zhu Fen this pig numerous times.

Originally she wanted to get her beauty sleep, thinking things would be going according to her and her mother's plan, that when she woke up she would hear the news of how Gu Qi Qi was punished, but now she had woken up in the middle of the night to some trouble.

What to do?

Gu Xue Xue was suddenly no longer sleepy.

She suddenly got up off the bed, and went to knock on her mother Gu Mei Feng's door.

"Mom, it's bad, that fool is so lazy, she dared not go and help Director Zhu with the surgery, our plan cannot move onto the next step."

Gu Mei Feng had reached her middle age, but she was still very attractive. Her pink pajamas were the same style at Gu Xue Xue's, causing them to look like sisters.

However, she was much more composed than Gu Xue Xue, instead confidently smiling: "Baby, don't worry. As long as the college entrance examination registration form is in our hands, she can't do anything. I will go and persuade her father, and casually find a reason not to let her go to medical school."

Gu Xue Xue sighed with relief, then in a spoiled voice said: "Mommy, then you must convince uncle ah, your words, uncle must definitely listen to them."

Gu Mei Feng's eyes swept over her with a touch of hard to detect pride, but her face was smiling faintly: "Because he knows that only we will be able to help increase the Gu Family, that idiot and her brother will only rest one's laurels, eating the family fortune!"

(T/N rest on the laurels is an idiom for being so satisfied with what one has already achieved that one makes no further effort. Reaping the benefits with no work)

"But that fool is a scheming bitch, she always seems to be very sensible with money ah, she doesn't even own a car, riding her motorbike to and from class......"

"Oh, why is she saving at this point, her brother is terminally ill, don't you know how much money it costs to keep him alive?" Gu Mei Feng held out her finely maintained manicured fingers, turning them up and down. "One month minimum treatment fee is 500,000. For going into the intensive care unit, it cost 100,000 a day! Every month, casually wasting more than one million."

Gu Xue Xue blew out of her lips, then angrily said: "Hateful! Spending our Gu Family money!"

It was just like digging into her own flesh.

"So, Xue Xue, you have to remember, that men will always measure everything by how profitable it is, to make a man obedient, it is necessary to firmly hold onto his most valued 'handle', that way he cannot do without you. What romantic feelings? Ha Ha." Gu Mei Feng sneered, "That is how you fool them like a child."

"But mommy, I think that uncle is true to you......" Gu Xue Xue 's words trailed off.

Gu Mei Feng's face suddenly changed: "Shut up! The walls have ears."

Those kind of chaotic dangerous words, how could she openly say them?

She and Gu Qiu Shan, are nominally brother and sister ah.

Gu Xue Xue knew that this secret should not be exposed, so her face became panicked: "Mom, I think I hear the sound of her motorbike downstairs, isn't it that fool coming back?"

"She came back in time." Gu Mei Feng looked on calmly, "It is time to make her own fate clear to her, show her what her future will really look like."

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