:Chapter 9:

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Lore hung out quite often with me after I brought her out on a few more dates in my mind. It was never spoken, but we both knew that it was a date. And deep down not just one for friends at this point.

She was slowly beginning to like me. 'She stares and turns red quite often when our skin brushes against hers, it's pretty cute.' And she still liked Venom. To the point she tried to bring him home with her once and Venom followed. 'Hey, she's cute and likes to hug me.'

That would be the hardest part of explaining the supernatural world to Lore. That my 'pet' wolf Venom was actually a wolf who lived inside me. But I was working on that. Darcy and Della ended up over here once more as Isabella went on some big hunting trip a few states away.

And Dalton was at the building of dad's business working with him. And they didn't trust Della home alone typically. Darcy they did since Darcy was innocent. 'But Della on the other hand is something that makes hell look like a walk in the park to be honest.'

So now Della was here. And to make matters worst so was Isadora. Isadora was my best friend and I loved her to death at times. But the longing looks she gave Darcy just irritated me at times. It made time feel so slow for when Darcy would turn sixteen.

And then it would be all fine and good. 'Because then he'll realize it and then you know the two can go get to know and each other.' I nodded at that. Della was sitting on the couch with a blade of silver in her hand that she sharpened with another one.

The sound hurt, but Della didn't really care. Her blue-silver eyes were transfixed on the blade as she sharpened it. Darcy was sitting on the couch looking at his text books for school and Isadora tried to slyly watch him from her book that she was reading. Admiring him a lot.

'He hasn't really caught her much.' 'In his defense he is pretty clueless and tends to ignore his surroundings when working.' I nodded at that. We were all pretty quiet as we sat on the couches in the living room all doing our own thing at this point in time.

Darcy reading his text books, Della sharpening the daggers that Isabella gave her, Isadora reading slash admiring Darcy, and then me on my phone. My mom was in the kitchen making some lunch for us to eat. Some homemade mac and cheese which smelled absolutely delicious from here, and I couldn't wait to eat it.

My mom's mac and cheese was always creamy and cheesy and I loved it. 'There is no rejecting homemade mac and cheese when it comes to mom or Flimur. It's always good to eat.' I nodded at that. Stretching just a bit I turned back to my phone as it dinged. Lore.

Do you think I could come over? I texted back. My nephew and niece are here, you can come over, but beware my niece is a bitch. I waited before she texted back. Ok, I'll be there soon. And then we ended our conversation and smiled just a bit.

'Now the biggest thing for Lore, meeting our crazy niece. I mean Darcy is ok, but Della on the other hand.' I looked at Della as she finished sharpening her blade and put them away before stretching. And now to warn her on being nasty to Lore.

"Lore is coming over." I said and Isadora looked up and smiled at me. She didn't mind Lore. As well as taking it upon herself to see if Lore had a boyfriend. She was trying to push us together a bit faster. More of because she knew how much it sucked waiting for your mate.

Except she was waiting because of Darcy's age. "Who's Lore?" Della asked looking at me with a smirk. 'That smirk says she got some intentions, she's planning something.' "My mate, and your not antagonizing her. She has medical problems as well." I added and Della rolled her eyes at me.

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