Chapter 4: Collecting The Overbearing Man's Semen (3)

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"I'm sorry, but the hospital is not a vegetable market where you buy food, you cannot pick and choose. If you are so picky, it is better to get a family doctor, so regardless of gender, age, weight or height, it's your pick." Gu Qi Qi replied indifferently.

Gong Jue Leng arched his brow coldly, where did this woman come from, talking to him so boldly?

But also he had never had a woman, dare to be so presumptuous in front of him!

Tearing the curtain aside, the Gong Jue Leng coldly stated: "Report your name!"

Gu Qi Qi stared at the man's' cold and resolute face, momentarily amazed.

But soon, she reverted back to being calm.

Why was he so handsome?

Mu Liu Chuan was also handsome, but unfortunately, he was a slag male, betrayed her, and then got together (sexually) with Gu Xue Xue.

She frowned: "Why should I tell you?"

This man had to be sick , how can he start casually commanding people, did he think he was the commander of the army?

"Because you're fired." was the Gong Jue Leng's cold response.


"Because you're a woman, and you dared appear in front of I, your father."

Gu Qi Qi: "......"

So overbearing, she had never seen such a high-handed man!

Did not allow women to appear before him? Is he sick?

She really wanted to turn away, this uncle, this sister did not want to wait on him!

But, the thought of Director Zhu still waiting outside, if she went out now, wouldn't she be inflicting trouble on herself?

Eyes narrowing, Gu Qi Qi decided to use roundabout tactics, and not worry about this sick man.

In her mind a little voice flashed: Overbearing right? Overbearing men have a weakness, that is......

Gu Qi Qi squinted at the prince, then suddenly started shaking a bit.

The man was not always cold and indifferent, strangers wouldn't see it on his face, but there were actually traces of a rare crack in his expression, from the cracks, a rare touch of gentleness was revealed.

That little wild cat, was also squinting.

His memories cracked open like a seam, then Gu Qi Qi lightly said: "Even if you want to go to the Director to complain and dismiss me, as a doctor, I have to finish your check up. I'll have to trouble you to pull the curtain back, and follow the instructions to collect the liquid if you don't understand."

The touch of gentleness in the prince's eyes suddenly faded.

"I your father doesn't understand? Get lost!"

Gu Qi Qi's face was indifferent as usual as she casually said: "If you want to hurry up, I can help you open the machine."

She had to delay the time.

Pausing, her eyes were half closed in the light revealing casual touch of a sly expression, her voice low: " can't get up, then it cannot be checked."

The little voice in her mind suggested: correct, overbearing men cannot stand it when a woman questions thier sexual prowess, he will prove it to you.

Sure enough, the man's expression turned completely black, exuding such a cold aura, such that even the indoor temperature had plunged several degrees.

"You said that......I can't get it up?"

"It getting up, has to be checked for us to know."

The man continued staring at Gu Qi Qi, if eyes could kill, Gu Qi Qi would have been dead several times over.

That oppressive aura caused her throat to tighten, leaving her breathless.

A few seconds later, the curtain "Shhh" sound could be heard.

The man's sullen voice came from behind the curtain: "Get the machine ready!"

Gu Qi Qi's lips rose at the corner, very good, this overbearing man was obeying her.

"Well, you have to open your pants zipper, and put the xx in."

She commanded across the curtain

But it seems like it is the man's first time doing such a thing, his action was very unskilled, there was no alignment the first time, so the machine was hit by his fist, almost breaking the poor object/useless thing.

Gu Qi Qi's lips turned up: "Wait a bit."

She put on transparent gloves, catching him off guard, her small hands stretched past, at once to help him aim at the machine, and stuffed it in.

She was calm as usual, but the man's body froze.

This bold woman, dared without permission, to touch his body,

Just as he wanted to freak out, on the side, Gu Qi Qi had already pressed the start button, the machine suddenly started up.


Cold air poured onto the man.

It was so uncomfortable.

He could go through the hail of bullets, be trapped while fighting an enemy, and he would not frown, but in the face of such a small machine, he could not help but grunt.

Compared to a few minutes ago, with that gentle like water, sentimental beautiful girl, this machine made him want to beat people!

Simply cannot let him have any reaction, only an uncomfortable feeling.

"Let me stop!" He said angrily

Gu Qi Qi inexplicably turned off the machine: "The time was too short, there won't be results yet."

"Your father will not do it!" the prince withdrew, pulling up his zipper, and tightening his belt.

The action was completed in one go, his voice with a bit of military sharpness!

Gu Qi Qi only felt that the sound of his belt was somewhat familiar, where could she have heard it?

Seeing the man go, she hastened to stop him: "Sir, your liquid has not been collected, the machine will determine that you have a functional disorder, you can't go yet......"

"Shut up, noisy!" The man shouted, opened the door, and dropped a sentence, "You stay here and don't move!"

Overbearing orders finished, he actually walked out the door

Gu Qi Qi silently curled her lip: "He must be sick, and can't use it anymore."

Looking at the medical report card in her hand, she wrote in big letters, directly onto the man's diagnosis sheet, adding just one word.


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