Chapter 1: The Girl Who Was Upside Down

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Empire, Qingcheng

The hot sun shone down, baking the abandoned school building in Qingcheng High School

In the classroom, with the blackboard heated by the hot sun, a young girl was impressively hung upside down, clothes torn, her face pale.

Across from her were, a dozen men dressed in black, and a sickly boy, who they ruthlessly stepped on with the soles of their feet, crushing him. The boy's fingers were broken, bleeding profusely.

"Little Bei!" the young girl's eyes were tearful, her clear eyes lovely but red, as she stared at the brawny men and said, "Let him go, he's just a child. Take me as a hostage, and the Gu family will hand money over!"

As her voice faded, the crisp claps of applause could be heard.

A delicate woman stepped out from the classroom door.

"Gu Qi Qi, are you stupid? Are you deluding yourself into believing the Gu family will send money to save you?" The girl was strung upside down, her clear eyes abruptly widened, watching the person in front of her in disbelief.

"Xue not save my brother and I?"

"Save you? Oh, you two just idle around and collect resources. Gu family's stock, everything is mine, I wouldn't bother to save you!"

"Waste? Idling around?" the girl muttered. "For ten years I have been working hard in the hospital day and night to make money. All my wages are handed over to the Gu family, for my brother's treatment. How am I idling around and collecting resources?"

"Well your job is just that of a shabby nurse, I am one of the empire's most profitable doctors! All the surgery you have performed have been under a mask, after spreading my reputation, the world only knows I Gu Xue Xue's name, what do you count as?"

"It was the Gu family that told me I should be low-key, indifferent to fame and fortune......"

"Low key? How were you low-key when while you were still in high school your exam results were so high, and even becoming the college entrance examination champion, putting pressure on me?" Gu Xue Xue's eyes narrowed, her face becoming distorted, "Now the Gu family wants you to die, why shouldn't you obediently die? it that you don't want to die before getting to taste a man?"

When they heard this, the more than ten brawny people dressed in black had obscene smiles, lifting their trousers, and getting closer to Gu Qi Qi.

Gu Qi Qi's face paled: "No, there is brother Liu Chuan, if you murder me, he will not sit idly by......"

"Mu Liu Chuan? Sorry to for you, but he got engaged with me tonight." Gu Xue Xue replied smiling sweetly, "He boasted that he liked my effort in bed, and you, were like wood, he did not want to touch you! Not to mention that you had your virginity taken, and it was by some wild man......"

Gu Qi Qi as if struck by lightning, was dumb for a moment, before shaking her head: "No, it was just an accident......he said he didn't care!"

"Stupid ****! How can a man not care? Gu Qi Qi, I'll tell you the truth, you are simply a machine for us to make money! A substitute! A puppet! Now Liu Chuan brother and I are engaged to be married, with the Mu family as an ATM, you no longer have any use or value!"

Gu Qi Qi;s face, inch by inch, became completely pale.

"Sister! I will fight them!" His whole body covered in blood , Gu Xiao Bei eagerly wanted to protect his sister.

He blamed himself, if he wasn't kidnapped, how would he know that the nurse sisters in the hospital would help take him out of the room.

However, in the next second, Gu Xue Xue had one foot on Gu Xiao Bei's mouth, demonstrating:

"Isn't your brother in pain? Well, I'll break his ten fingers, and give my pet cat the bone!"

I heard that this disease tuberculosis uses a lot of valuable chinese medicine? I want to dig out his innards, and feed it to my dog!"

"And his skin is very thin, I'll just peel it off to beautify my legs, as for the snow white skin all over your body......"

Gu Xue Xue had a cruel authentic smile: "I want to peel it off, create a carpet, and step on it with the soles of my feet for my whole life!"

Despite the heat of the hot sun, Gu Qi Qi felt as if she was in an ice cave, shivering in fright.

She never imagined that her cousin Gu Xue Xue, was actually a person that was as cruel as the devil.

And her childhood sweetheart that she had grown up with Liu Chuan brother, was actually complicit to this.

Gu Xue Xue's high heels were like an awl, the weak Gu Xiao Bei was bloody, gasping painfully, then dying: "What are you waiting for? You're a free woman, yet you're still not going?"

Seeing the brawny black men approaching, her cousin laughing arrogantly, and her most beloved brother dead before her, Gu Qi Qi's hatred filled heart suddenly erupted!

It was as hot as the sun!

"I will not let you do so! Even if I turn into the devil, I won't let you go!"

The girl's shrill cries, penetrated the classroom.

In the next second, her upside down body was slammed, hitting the edge of the blackboard extremely hard!

A sharpwire, instantly pierced the largest artery in her heart.

Blood, like rain from the open sky, splashed the face of everyone present

Before dying, Gu Qi Qi's lips had the touch of a sneer: "You're stained by my blood, wait for me......"

She tried to close her eyes full of hatred, in her ears, she vaguely heard the sound of a man sigh: "I came late......"


She didn't know for how long。


So hot!

The heat is going so deep!

Gu QI Qi's eyes were closed, her mouth dry, feeling as if she was still hanging in the classroom on the blackboard, the sun bright, as if about to bake her.

However, the next moment, she felt a group of hotter things close in on her.

The touch of a strong and overbearing atmosphere, directly overwhelmed her, forcing her, forcing her into a shameful position.

A section of hot hard steel, mercilessly, stabbed her severely.

" hurts!"

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