Chapter 13

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Warning : sex.

3 days later at 5pm.

Tiffany, Anthony and Matt are in the living room talking. "I was thinking of inviting Alicia over, she texted me saying she wanted to hang out" Anthony says as he grabs him a beer.

"Bro no, she's just tryna get at me cause she's mad I don't want her" Matt stands.

"So I'll just use her for some head" Anthony laughs as Tiffany makes a disgusted face. "Ew, your sister is right here" they all laugh as Anthony pulls out his phone and texts alicia.

"Well, I think ima just get in the pool" Tiffany stands. "Great, we'll join you" Anthony says as they all walk upstairs to their room and changes into their swimsuits then walks out to the pool as anthony jumps into the pool headfirst.

"You know what your body does to me" Matt carefully watches Anthony as he comes up behind Tiffany pressing his now hard dick against her ass as she moans a little.

"We're gonna have to do something about that" she starts to stroke his dick as the backdoor flies open so Matt moves away from Tiffany and Alicia walks out.

"Hey baby" alicia kisses Anthony on the lips then takes off her shirt and shorts and hops into the pool.

"You love to get around huh?" Matt says to alicia as she rolls her eyes. Tiffany and Matt hops in the pool as they all start talking.

1 hour later alicia starts to kiss on Anthony then leans in and whispers something in his ear as he gets out of the pool with a smile.

"We'll be right back yall" he grabs alicia hand leading her inside as Matt mouths something to Anthony then laughs.

"Finally alone at last" Matt grabs around Tiffany waist pulling her closer. "Yeah, well what do you wanna do?" She bites her lip. "I wanna fuck you, right now, right here" he grabs under her leg lifting it around his waist.

He then grinds his dick against her pussy as she moans and bites her lip. "So fuck me" she smirks as he keeps one hand holding her leg up and with his other hand he trails it down her body rubbing her clit through her panties. She moans as he kisses her on the neck and begins to suck on it leaving another hickey. He then slides his hand into her panties rubbing her clit as she grabs around his neck for support. He speeds up his pace as she can feel herself getting close as she grinds against his fingers.

"I'm about to cum" she moans in his ear as he stops and removes his hand. "Why'd you stop?" She removes her leg from around his waist and her arm from around his neck.

He pushes her back against the wall of the pool as he slips his dick out and slides her panties to the side as she lifts her leg back around his waist and he slides inside her. He grabs her ass as he thrusts in and out of her.

"Fuck..." she moans as she bites her lip and tries to hold back any other moans trying to escape her mouth. After a few more thrusts both of them cums as they start to breathe heavy.

"I could do that all day" he lifts her sitting her on the edge of the pool as he puts his dick away then comes between her legs kissing her.

They hear the backdoor open as Matt swims away from tiffany fast and Anthony comes back out alone.

"Alicia went home, yall wanna watch a movie?" He calls from the doors. "Sure" tiffany stands as Matt gets out of the pool and they walk inside and changes their clothes. Tiffany ties her hair up then walks back downstairs and past Anthony as he stops talking to matt.

"Aye" he grabs her hand pulling her back "is that a hickey on your neck?" He stares at it.

"Relax, it's just a bruise" she covers the hickey with her hand. "It doesn't look like a bruise, it looks like a hickey" he stares at her waiting for a response then looks over to Matt.

"Hey, don't look at me" he holds his hands up in defense.

"Okay, you want the truth? 2 days ago I hooked up with some random boy, happy?" She rolls her eyes then goes and sits down.

"Okay" he walks and sits next to her as Matt sits on another couch.

37 minutes into the movie Matt takes out his phone and begins to text someone as tiffany phone lights up and Matt looks at her. Tiffany turns her light off and checks her message.

Matt : I miss the taste of your lips

Tiffany looks up at him and smiles then starts to text him back

Tiffany : we just kissed like 50 minutes ago

Matt checks his phone then begins to type

Matt : I didn't mean those lips ;)

Tiffany looks up at him as he winks and she blushes then begins to text him back

Tiffany : well you can have me all to yourself once he falls asleep, hopefully that's soon

After about 2 hours of watching movies tiffany begins to get tired. "Well thats enough for me for one night" she stands "night" she walks off upstairs closing her door behind her as she lays down and tries to go to sleep but cant so she takes her phone and texts matt.

Tiffany : I can't sleep, come keep me some company

Matt : I can't, he's still awake and talking to me now

Tiffany : I guess we're just gonna have to finish this tomorrow but that's way too long. 

Matt : you better work some magic with your fingers 😂

Tiffany sighs as she puts her phone on the charger then stares up at the ceiling. She turns on her side as she slowly falls asleep.

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