Chapter 12

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Warning : sex.

3 days later.

Tiffany is in the bathroom washing up then gets out and dries off and gets dressed. She walks back to her room and lays down as she gets a message from anthony.

Anthony : won't be home for 2 days, got to go somewhere

Tiffany rolls her eyes and just throws her phone on her bed and sits down. There's a knock on her door as Matt walks inside.

"Hey, Anthony said-" "I know" Tiffany cuts him off.

"Okay well I never got to apologize for the way I acted the other day and I wanna thank you for taking care of me"

"Prove it" she says as she lays on her back with a smirk.

"You want me to prove it?" He walks towards as he gets on top of her kissing her neck as she laughs.

"I just got one question, why haven't we..." Tiffany pauses "done it yet?" She wraps her arms around his neck.

"Done it yet?" He laughs as Tiffany rolls her eyes.

"You know what I mean" she laughs.

"Well I didn't wanna do anything you didn't wanna do" he sits up.

"Who said I didn't want to?" She sits up also.

"I said so" he kisses her as he stands and walks out.

Tiffany smirks as she takes off her shirt and shorts leaving her in her bra and panties as she walks over to her dresser and grabs her black robe putting it on as she walks downstairs where Matt is.

"Matt" he turns around and looks at her as she starts to untie her robe.

"Not gonna work" he turns his head back to the tv.

"What about now?" She walks in front of him pulling her robe off slowly.

"Still not gonna work" he laughs.

"What about now? She sits on top of him rubbing against his Dick as she can feel it harden.

"You turn me on but no" she gets off of him and puts her robe back on.

"Well you're no fun" she rolls her eyes.

"Come on" he pulls her onto his lap and kisses her.

"I know what to do" she stands as she sits on top of him again and brings her hand down from his abs to his Dick as she starts to rub on it.

"Stop tiff" he stands and walks over to the next couch and sits.

"You're being so boring today" she sucks her teeth as she walks upstairs to her room. She closes the door behind her as she sits on her bed and turns her TV on and switches to a movie.

17 minutes later Matt opens the door as he walks inside and sits on the end of her bed.

"I hope you're not mad" he kisses her on her neck as she lays down and starts switching through the channels.

"I'm not" he lays down next to her as he rests his hand on her boob then he starts to travel it down as she slaps it away.

"You don't wanna do anything so don't touch me" she sets the remote down as she covers up.

"You're lucky I love you" he laughs as Tiffany turns her head quick.

"I meant like you!" He hurries and corrects himself. "No, you already said you love me, you can't take it back" she gets on top of him and kisses him.

"Whatever you say" he grabs her ass and squeezes it as he kisses her.

His phone starts to ring as he picks it up and sees Alicia calling. "Damn let me see what she wants" he answers it "hello?" He puts it on speaker.

"What you did yesterday wasn't cool messing around with that slut Tiffany while I'm sitting right there" Tiffany mouth drops. "Who are you calling a slut bitch? Don't be mad he doesn't want you" she grabs the phone and hangs it up.

"Damn you're bad" he sets his phone down on the nightstand as he grabs around her waist and she pushes him flat on the bed as she starts to kiss down his abs. He flips her over so he's on top as she wraps her legs around his waist.

"So basically we're friends with benefits?" Tiffany laughs. "Basically" he grabs her leg running his hand up it.

"Stop that tickles" she laughs as she moves his hand. He starts to kiss her again as she bites his lip then he starts to suck on her neck leaving a noticeable hickey. He removes her robe as he caresses her cheek.

"You sure you wanna do this?" He licks his lips.

"Stop asking me and take your stuff off" she smiles as he removes his pants (he wasn't wearing a shirt). He unclips her bra and throws it on the floor as he starts to suck on her boobs leaving a mark on her boobs.

""Gotta let these boys know you're taken" tiffany smiles as he lowers his boxers a little and removes her panties as he positions himself at her entrance.

Tiffany takes in a deep breath as he pushes himself inside her. He slowly pulls out and slides back in as he starts to speed up his pace. He grabs under her legs lifting them as she moans.

"Fuck you're tight" he groans as he speeds up his pace more. She flips him over so she's on top of him as she starts to ride him. He grabs her waist as she moves back and forth on his Dick as he starts to massage her boobs and runs his tongue over her nipples. She starts to ride him faster as her moans grow louder and finally they both cum.

She gets from on top of him putting her bra and panties back on as he lifts his boxers.

"We should have been did that" she fixes her hair as she throws her outfit back on and he puts his pants back on. She lays down next to him wrapping her leg around his waist and leaning her head on his abs as he holds on her head.

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