Chapter 11

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Tiffany wakes up at 11:38am as she tries to unwrap Matt arms from around her waist but he pulls her closer and rests his face in her neck as she groans. Instead she grabs the TV remote and turns on the TV and turns the volume down a little as she begins to watch TV. 20 minutes later there's a knock as Tiffany slowly lifts his hand then slowly moves off the bed as she opens the door and walks out closing the door behind her.

"Before you say anything let me explain why I was in ---" Tiffany gets cut of by Anthony "it's okay, a friend let me know how drunk he got and you were only caring for him"

"Yeah, I think he's okay now" she starts to walk to her room. "Me and a couple of friends are gonna be downstairs drinking if you wanna hang with us" Anthony walks off downstairs as tiffany walks into her room.

Tiffany grabs her a white tank top, white shorts and white socks as she changes her outfit then brushes her hair leaving it straight down. She grabs her phone and walks out joining everyone downstairs.

Anthony turns to tiffany then stands "everyone, this is my sister tiffany" he grabs around her neck. "Hi everyone" she waves and smiles at them. "Hi, I'm jeff" a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes stands as he shakes her hand. "I'm jessica, his sister" a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes waves and smiles. "I'm alicia" Tiffany recognizes the girl from the party they threw. "Nice to meet yall" Tiffany shoots a fake smile as she sits and Anthony sits down next to her.

"I don't mean to sound like a jerk but fuck you're hot" Jeff says with a laugh. "Hey, watch your mouth" Anthony shoots him a glare as tiffany laughs. "Thank you" Tiffany smiles at him as they start to drink.

23 minutes later Matt comes downstairs with no shirt on as his eyes widens at the people there. "Hi matt" tiffany looks over to alicia as she can see her smiling as she rolls her eyes.

"Uh... hey" he walks over to tiffany and sits next to her. "Come sit next to me" Alicia pats next to her as Matt stands and sits next to her.

"Bro, we were just talking about how drunk you got yesterday at that party" Jeff laughs.

"You weren't even there so how you found out?" Matt laughs as alicia leans her head on his shoulder.

"Drew told me he had to drive you home, that's how wasted you were"

"Drew is supposed to pull up with Robert in a few so we can get the real party started" Jessica says as she chugs her beer.

After 12 minutes there's a knock on the door as Anthony stands and opens it as drew and Robert walks in with more liquor in their hands.

"Now let's turn up!" Anthony closes the door as everyone starts cheering and they set the stuff down.

"Let's play truth or dare" Alicia says as she chugs her drink. "Okay, and whoever doesn't answer the truth or does the dare you have to drink" Drew says as him and Robert sits.

"Okay, Anthony you ask someone first" alicia says. "Uh...jessica, truth or dare?" He raises his eyebrow. "Truth" she smiles. "Is it true you've dated drew before?" He laughs. "Yeah, it's true"

"She can't get enough of this bomb-" drew stops as he looks over to Jeff who is giving him a look. "Nothing" all of them laughs.

"Okay tiffany, ask anybody" Tiffany scans the room as her eyes stops on alicia. "Alicia, truth or dare?"


"is it true you and Matt hooked up before?" She crosses her arms as she looks over to Matt who looks worried. "Yeah, but only 5 times" she replies as she curls her hair with her finger.

"Fucking slut" Tiffany whispers. "Huh?" Alicia replies. "Nothing" Tiffany clears her throat.

"My turn, Robert, truth or dare?" Jessica asks.


"I dare you to drink a whole bottle of beer" Jessica laughs.

He opens a bottle of beer and chugs it as they cheer him on then he finishes the beer as they clap and he burps. After a few more games they stop.

"Put some music on, I wanna dance" alicia stands. Robert turns to YouTube on the TV as alicia grabs the remote and puts on some sexy music. She starts to move her butt around infront of Matt as Tiffany rolls her eyes.

"You wanna dance matt?" She leans over and tries to kiss him on the mouth as he turns his head. "No I'm good" he stands and walks to the kitchen. "Well does anybody wanna dance?" She rolls her eyes and puts her hands on her hips. "I'll dance with you" Robert stands as she starts to dance with him.

For a few more hours they drink, talk and dance as Jessica looks at the time to see its 7:38pm.

"Well damn, we gotta go home jeff" she stands.

"Why do we gotta rush home?"

"Because we're both drunk and it takes us like an hour to get home" she laughs as she puts on her sweater.

"Shit, you right" he stands "I'll see yall later"

"Bye" they all say as Jessica and Jeff leaves.

A few minutes later alicia starts to kiss Robert while looking at Matt to see if he's watching but he isnt.

"Stop swapping spit and take that somewhere else" Anthony laughs. "Anthony let me talk to you in the kitchen real quick" drew says as they both stand and walks in the kitchen.

"Your girlfriend is tryna make you jealous" tiffany whispers in Matt ear. "She's not my girlfriend so I don't care" he sips his drink.

"Play along" she looks over to Anthony to see him not looking as she starts to run her hand up and down Matt body. "You look sexy" tiffany rubs her hand down his abs.

"You look sexy too babygirl" Matt runs his hand up Tiffany thigh as tiffany looks over to alicia who is giving her a disgusted look.

"Come on robert, let's go" she grabs his hand as they stand "bye everyone" Robert says as they both walk out and Matt and tiffany laughs.

Anthony and drew walks back over as Anthony sits.

"Well everybody else left so I'll be going too, bye yall" drew starts walking to the door. "Bye" they say as he walks out.

"What did he need to speak to you about?" Matt asks. "Well, he wanted to ask me if it was okay to ask you on a date" "no thanks" she chugs her drink.

"Why not? He's a cool dude and I give you permission" he laughs. "I'm not looking to date anyone, that's all" she stands "I'm a little tired though so ima go to sleep, night" she kisses Anthony on the cheek then hugs matt as she walks off upstairs.

She turns the TV on and switches to FRIENDS and watches it as she falls asleep.

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