chapter forty-two ; to'hajiilee

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november. 2010

Millie daydreamed as she stared out the window of Finn's car. With around fifty million dollars in the trunk and backseat, the pair was driving out to the desert so they could bury their money. Finn made sure to have all the tools necessary so that he could locate the coordinates of where they would bury the cash. That way they would be able to return to it whenever they needed.

"We should be at a good place soon." Finn stated.

Millie sighed and smiled. The past year had seemed like a mixture of a nightmare and a daydream. She found a boy that seemed to actually love her, she would never have to worry about money again, and she was actually successful at something.

On the flipside they'd killed tons of people, ruined countless lives, and became two of the biggest criminals in the entire country. Not to mention the law was quickly catching up to them and there was a chance that they'd be sitting in prison for the rest of their lives.

All she could do was hope that she'd soon be able to escape the mess they had created.


"Robert get in here!" David yelled as loud as he could so that his colleague could hear. David was inside his office watching the GPS tracker on his computer. He saw that Finn's car was going out to the middle of nowhere and that was a good sign for him. He had a feeling that Finn was up to no good.

Robert sighed and walked into his friend's office. In his honest opinion, David's theory about Finn being Heisenberg was absolutely insane. Robert saw no reason to believe that Finn was a criminal mastermind.

"Look at this. I tagged Finn's car and now he's driving through some desert. The question is, why is he going there? There isn't anything out there, only sand and more sand." David stated with a slight grin on his face. He could tell that he was extremely close to knowing the truth about everything.

Robert crossed his arms and cocked his head. "Maybe he's just going for a drive?" He argued. He felt like David was simply wasting the agency's time by going after Finn.

"Shall we also take a drive out there?" David questioned.

"Fine." Robert answered reluctantly, sighing deeply.

They were either going to find the truth or make fools out of themselves.


Millie exhaled and wiped the sweat off her forehead while Finn continued to bring the briefcases of money over to the hole. They'd spent nearly an hour digging a large pit to bury all the money in and they finally completed it. Now all that was left to do was bury the money and fill the hole.

"Do you think this is even gonna solve anything?" Millie questioned randomly. Finn put down his shovel and looked over at the brunette girl. His mouth went slightly agape and he sighed.

"We're gonna be alright. I promise." He stated softly. He wasn't being completely honest though. He had no idea if they were going to be okay or not. It was pretty much a coin toss at that point.

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