Chapter 9

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Warning : Nasty shit. 😂

2 days later.

still stuck on what happened a couple of days ago I kinda been avoiding matt, it's been real awkward for me considering he ate me out and fingered me a couple of days ago, I don't know what words to say to him.

Tiffany grabs her a long black baggy t shirt and black panties as she starts walking off to the bathroom. Matt steps out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist, water dripping down his perfect body with his hair slicked back.

"Hey babygirl" he winks as he walks in his room leaving the door open a crack.


She walks back to her room grabbing her phone then walks back to the bathroom and turns the bath on. Tiffany waits for the water to fill up the bath as she checks her phone seeing a message from Anthony. "I'll be back in a hour, don't wait up" she reads as she sits her phone down then adds some bubbles to her bath.

She stands walking to Matt door as she peeks inside and sees him remove the towel. "Wow" she mouths as he walks over to his dresser pulling out some boxers and he puts them on. Tiffany looks up and down his perfect abs to his bulge as she bites her lip.

"I know you're there" he looks over to the door and smirks as tiffany rushes to the bathroom locking the door behind her. She grabs her phone and gets undressed then gets into the bath scrolling through facebook when matt sends her a message.

Matt : while you're in there think of me kissing up your thighs as I make my way to your pussy and I start to run my tongue over it

Tiffany starts to feel herself getting turned on.

Matt : think of me running my fingers up your thigh as i start to rub on your clit, going slow at first but then I start to speed up my pace

Tiffany feels herself getting hot as she slides her free hand over her boob massaging it. She then slides her hand down between her legs and starts to rub. She spreads her legs more and starts to go faster as she bites her lip.

Matt : think of me working my way on your clit with my tongue as I stick 2 fingers inside you speeding up my pace

Tiffany runs her fingers over her wet folds faster as she moans

Matt : think of you moaning my name while you're almost close to Cumming all over my fingers and in my mouth

She starts to speed up her pace as she puts her phone down and with her other hand she squeezes on her boobs while biting her lips "Fuck matt!" She moans as she goes faster and faster as she finally cums and she starts to breathe faster.

After she's done washing up she dries off and gets dressed and ties her hair up. She then pulls out her toothbrush and toothpaste and brushes her teeth. After she walks to her room putting on deodorant and perfume then starts to walk downstairs as she sees matt and Anthony in the living room talking. Matt notices her as he winks at her and smirks. Tiffany rolls her eyes as she walks back upstairs to her room closing the door and plopping down on her bed.

What matt and me got going on is so wrong considering he's my brothers best friend but he just does things to me that makes me fall for him, I know I've only knew him for what, 7 days? But the more I live with him the more I fall for him and he makes me wanna do nasty things to him.

A few minutes later she hears a knock on her door. "Come in" Anthony walks inside with a plate.

"Hey, I got you some pizza" he sits the plate on her bed.

"I'm not hungry but thanks"

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine"

"No you're not, I know when you're not okay"

"How when you barely spend time with me?"

"So that's what you're mad about? Tiffany you got to understand I'm 21, I have friends that always wants me out with them-" tiffany cuts him off "so basically what you're tryna say is I have no friends" she raises her eyebrow up at him.

"No, I'm not trying to say that" he laughs as matt walks inside the room. "That's okay, I'll just stay here with matt, my only friend, walking around in nothing but my underwear" she smiles as matt laughs and anthony looks at him with a serious face so he stops laughing.

"Okay, I'll spend some time with you tomorrow, I promise" he kisses her on the cheek as she makes a disgusted face and wipes it off.

"Don't joke like that either" he grabs around her neck as she hits him trying to get loose. Matt runs over pinning her down as Anthony starts to tickle her. "Stop!" She laughed while struggling to get loose when matt phone rings and he unpins her hands and pulls out his phone.

He looks at his phone for a few seconds then puts it back into his pocket. "Alright tiffany, like I said I'll spend some time with you tomorrow but right now I gotta go" he hugs her as he walks out when matt phone starts to ring again.

"You gonna answer that?" Tiffany sits back up as she grabs her phone. "Nah, I gotta go" he walks out closing the door behind him.

I can tell he's hiding something, is it another girl? Even though I'm not his girl, but it would be nice to just tell me the truth. I'll find out the truth sooner or later.

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