(Q&Q) did I MENTION I have a boyfriend?

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"It's JUST-"

Qynka closes her eyes and inhales very deeply and tries not to kill or destroy everything around her. She woke up to a notification that Daddy had added an item to her TDL: GO TO SCHOOL, INTERACT WITH YOUR PEERS. This had triggered a series of cascading angers.


* The fact of having woken up in this new, terrible, apartment

* Having to appear on High/Low High, a humiliating step back in her narrative

* Wearing what clothes? Exactly? Since everything good had been taken away?

* And just being told what to do, ever, in general

A StRuGgle narrative. At over 300k+ followers! Honestly!!! Go to school???

"Like, FINE," Qynka continues. "I'll GO to school and participate in learning or whatever, but how about meeting me halfway? Gifting me a new fit to wear or something? I mean???" She swipes through her closet app, seeing all the greyed-out fashions that have been rendered un-tappable. "Your outfit on your first day of school is important, I mean Daddy wants me to make waves, be more popular, how about enable me to look nice. It's like he wants the impossible, all the time. Do you know what I mean?"

Qannen, lying on Qynka's bed, has no response, but Qynka doesn't pause to notice the lack of response.

"I just feel like, where will the punishment end, you know? I felt like our night at ANGELWAX went very well but did I get a huge follower boost out of it? No I did not. And I get that we need to rebuild our fanbase, OK? We, OK I, I, need to do a better job of, I don't know what the word is. Doing the thing with our parents' legacy. Like being part of them, that's what people want. But THEY got to do whatever the f*ck they wanted and it worked out great for them. Things are harder these days! We have it more difficult then they did, in terms of how much harder it is to gain fans. Right? Don't you think? I mean?"

Again, no response.

She taps at a ReMirthless dress on the app and it emerges from her closet. She holds it up to her body and examines herself critically in the full-length.

"They want us to do whatever we want," Qynka continues, "and we're rewarded for it, until suddenly we're not, suddenly something changes and we're not allowed to do whatever we want. The whole point of being popular is to do things people don't expect, until you reach a certain level of success, at which point you start doing the things they expect more frequently, while still occasionally doing something unexpected. And I just feel like we reached that stage! A long time ago! But Daddy's all: NO. I mean what is THAT. That's just his opinion! His diagnosis on our status is like, misdiagnosed. We should be able to get a second opinion. That's what I feel like."

Qynka's screen hums with a message from Qannen that says: Meet you there, in the lobby. Tight silhouette today. Knife-proof fabrics.

"Umm hokay thanks?" Qynka says, "why are you messaging me I'm standing right..."

Qynka turns towards the bed, still holding the dress against her body, and: there's no one. It's just her empty bed. She's alone in her room and has been all morning.

"Here? Qannen?" she questions the air, and suddenly it's so weird to hear her voice. But it's no response. She's been talking to herself? Apparnetly? But she was sure Qannen was there with her, draped across her bed, lazily scrolling her screen. Now that she actually stops and thinks, she hasn't seen her sister since the previous night. But she had felt someone there in the room with her. She was positive. Her sister, she assumed.

Qynka shakes off the slight chill at the base of her spine and chalks it up to her still not being used to this dumb terrible new apartment that they've been forced to inhabit. She dresses quickly (Dedyung top, Cocoplex leggings, _mudforce_ boots). She checks her angles in the floor-to-ceiling mirror in her room with the marginally acceptable lighting and: she's doing it. Leggo.

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