Chapter 74

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"Jeezes, Sash! Be careful," Sebastian scolded me. "Seb, it's C-4, not nitro, you dope!" I took a wad of it and pelted him with it as he turned his body, wincing. I laughed heartily at him while he cringed. "It's practically harmless without it's detonator you know; you couldn't even shoot the stuff to set it off if you wanted to. Calm down," I rolled my eyes at him. He looked at me and his brow wrinkled saying, "You know, I find it rather creepy how you know so much about all of this Sash." I laughed at him again, working away on the explosives. "Yeah, well, let's just say this won't be the first time I've had to plant a bomb or two somewhere. Viktor's appetite for power means using extreme measures at times. Speaking of," I looked up at the clock and dug my cellphone out to give the routine call to Viktor, as promised.

"My Bloody Queen," he drawled out. I rolled my eyes and barely contained the sigh. "How goes your preparations?" "On schedule, I'm pleased to report. We should be ready to hit the compound by tomorrow night in full-force." "Excellent. Do you have a plan for how to handle the media attention this will draw?" "Yes. It will look like an accident and with a few key targets of the investigation squad influenced, there should be no problems. It's all thought out and hopefully will go according to plan." "Excellent, my minx. As soon as it's finished I want you on a plane back here." Sigh. "Yes, Master, once everything has settled," I said quietly. Nicolae's arm wrapped around me to pull me up against his chest for comfort. I leaned into him, closing my eyes, while I waited for what else Viktor would say. "I'll send you a flight reservation in a few moments. A couple weeks should be enough time, don't you think? Come home to me, my Queen. I miss you at my side." And in your bed, no doubt.

Nicolae stiffened at the thought that he overheard. "Yes, Master," I said quietly again. "Soon, Sasha." And then the line went dead. I dropped the phone from my face, shoving it into the pocket of my jeans. I kept my eyes closed but bit my lip with the emotional strain of Viktor's reminder. My right hand went to the small bump on my abdomen. I accepted Nicolae's calming aura as it rolled over me and snuggled up more to him, drawing my left hand up his chest to rest near my face. One of his arms was around me and the other cupped the back of my head tenderly. My eyes opened to look at the ring I wore on my hand. Viktor's had been a solitaire but this one was all 'three's,' which I loved. Three stones, three intertwined bands for three brothers. It really was an elegant, beautiful ring that was crafted well. One I could proudly wear for eternity with them.

Nicolae's arms tightened around me as he listened in. I closed my eyes and soaked him up. I sucked in a breath and my eyes popped open, staring at nothing as I went still. I exhaled after a moment and relaxed, but there it was again. I sucked in another breath and looked down, my hand coming back to cover the bump there. I had felt the tiniest bit of movement. I looked up at Nicolae, meeting his intense gaze as he listened in on my mind. "Everything ok, Sash?" Sebastian asked, turning away from the table that was spread with explosives. I looked at him and a tiny smile spread on my face; the one of a woman with a secret delight. "What? You ok?" I nodded at him, still wearing that same smile. Peter and Drogo were looking at me as well, wondering what all of it was about. Nicolae was the only one that knew and he also wore a smile, his cheeks going a little pink.

"Must be something good to get that color onto Nicky's cheeks like that," Drogo teased, leaning his head to evaluate his brother's expression. Nicolae glared at Drogo but the rest of us started laughing. My inebriated pet name for Nicolae was never going to get old; not for any of us. "Well? Cough it up already!" Drogo snapped at him. Nicolae's smile returned along with the blush as he looked down at me. I laughed at his temptation to just keep it to himself. "Mind readers. An annoying lot, aren't they?" Sebastian joined in on the teasing, also curious as to what Nicolae's blush was about. Drogo's eyes snapped to my hand moving on my abdomen and said, "Hey, if this has anything to do with my kid, I need to know!" Sebastian and I started laughing while Nicolae and Peter scoffed at him. "Well than I guess the secret should just stay with me, since that baby isn't yours," Nicolae retorted, still smiling down on me. "Cuz it's mine," Peter said.

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