Chapter 8

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Warning : Nasty shit so if you don't like that then skip this chapter 😂

The next day tiffany wakes up at 1:27pm as she stands and stretches then walks over to her dresser and starts to look for an outfit. She picks out a baggy white t - shirt and puts some short shorts underneath and puts her hair into a ponytail then grabs her phone and rushes downstairs. She sees no one is in the kitchen or living room so she grabs her some milk and Captain crunch then makes her a bowl of cereal and sits at the table scrolling through Facebook as she eats.

After she finishes her cereal she puts her bowl and spoon in the sink and starring walking into the living room while still looking down at her phone as she bumps into matt.

"Oh sorry" she looks up at him as she steps around him.

"It's okay baby" he walks into the kitchen and begins to look for something to eat.

the things I would do to him.

Tiffany walks over to the couch and sits as she grabs the remote and turns the TV on. "Is Anthony still sleep or he's out somewhere?" Tiffany asks.

"He's out messing around with some random sluts" he laughs as he walks over to her and sits next to her. "Like always" she rolls her eyes as she switches through the channels.

"That means" he moves closer to her "we can do whatever we want" he smirks as he runs his hand up her thigh and she slaps it away.

"Stop, that tickles, besides friends don't mess around" she turns to him and bites her lip.

"Don't do that" he squeezes her thigh as he licks his lips. "Do what?" She smirks as she leans in and bites her lip.

"That's it" he grabs under both of her thighs picking her up and laying her down on the couch as he starts to kiss her. She wraps her legs around his waist as he starts to kiss down her neck. He slides his hand up her shirt and starts to massage her boobs as she let's out a soft moan. He starts nibbling on her ear as she plays with his hair.

After 5 minutes of making out he stands. "We need to stop before things get out of hand because we both know you're not ready for me" he smirks as he walks back into the kitchen.

"Really? And how do you know that?" She sits up as she fixes herself up. "Trust me, I know" he pours him a glass of water as he leans against the counter and watches her. "Trust me, I can handle you" she stands and grabs her phone and walks over to him. "Oh really? Go to my room and wait, I'll be up there in 5 minutes" he kisses her as she smiles and walks off upstairs.

She walks into his room closing the door behind her as she walks around checking the room out. A few minutes later Matt walks in locking the door behind him.

"Lay down" he pulls his shirt off as tiffany walks over to the bed and lays down. Matt walks over to her as he ties his shirt around her hands.

"What is this? Am I being tortured?" Tiffany laughs as he raises her hands above her head. "Let's play a game, I get to do whatever I want to you for 5 minutes without you making a sound or..." he stops and thinks "you owe me another date" he smirks.

"Well that's easy considering we already went on one"

"Okay, you kiss me... In front of your brother" he smiles. "Matt, I can't do that!" She sits up.
"Okay so don't make a sound" he lays her back down "starting now" he sets his phone timer as he gets on top of her.

He pulls her shirt over her head throwing it on the floor. He starts to suck on her boobs then slides his tongue down her body as she bites her lip. He kisses down her chest to her stomach then back up to her boobs. He then starts to suck on her neck as his hand trails up her shorts and he squeezes her inner thigh. She let's out a soft moan as he smirks.

"I won" he unties her hands as she sucks her teeth. "That's not fair" she whines as she stands putting her shirt back on. "You know, we still have 3 minutes" he grabs her throwing her back onto the bed as she laughs.

He removes her shorts and raises her shirt as he starts kissing up her thighs. "May i?" He rests his hand over her panties as she nods. With his thumb he starts to rub her through her panties as she starts to get wetter. He then slides her panties to the side inserting one finger inside her as he starts to go slow.

"Fuck" tiffany moans as she closes her eyes and leans back. "Do you want more?" He starts to speed up his pace. "Yes" she moans. "Tell me you want more" with another finger he starts to rub on her clit. "I want more" she moans while gripping the bedsheets.

He sticks another finger inside her as he speeds up his pace while kissing her thighs. He then takes his fingers out and removes her panties as he grabs under her thighs with both hands then starts to sucks on her clit. She starts to moan louder as she grabs the back of his head and starts running her fingers through his hair. "I'm going to cum" he starts to run his tongue over her clit faster as she moans and arches her back.

"Damn you taste good" he pulls away with a smirk as he stands putting his shirt back on. Tiffany stands grabbing her panties and shorts putting them back on as she fixes herself up. "I'll be going" tiffany starts walking out as he grabs her wrist pushing her back against the wall and kisses her. "Bye" he smirks as tiffany leaves walking to her room and closing and locking the door behind her.

I don't know what just happened but that was the best orgasm I ever had.


Lmfao this chapter was a mess, i might post another tomorrow. idk if i messed up on anything either, i dont check, i just post the epsiode.

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