shot 3

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Pragya busy in her cabin with piano, she making some musical notes, Abhi enter in her cabin & lock cabin door behind him..

Pragya turn to him & ask- what are you doing here..

Abhi- you call her na..

Pragya didn't understand, what he is saying, she give him only confuse look, Abhi look that & gritss his teeth, & start to marches in her cabin..

Pragya turn her chair to him- you gonna mad sometimes..

Abhi stop his marches, pull chair for him & seat on that- you call that hellcat here..

Pragya still give him confuse look- hellcat! Who!

Abhi- Tanushree Mehta..

Pragya understand & she Up her eyebrows & says- ohh! Pest control! Politeness towards me! Dropped me to studio! Excellent plan! Now I get it!

Abhi- now I understand!

Pragya With irks tone- what!

Abhi- you call her na..

Pragya with calm attitude nodded in no..

Abhi up his eyebrows- who's that bloody person..

Pragya faintly smile- My & your producer..  she will be your song's so called model, actor, whatever, she's the one, who a finalize by producer..

Abhi with irritating mood, slapped his own forehead..

Pragya smile mischievously- it's your charm, by the way..

Abhi start to glare her..

Pragya- nice.. you both are poles apart, but perfect for each other.. one side your charm, other side her, means whole world gonna be a blind coz of your charmness..

Abhi- plz save me..

Pragya- what's my share in it..

Abhi- you sucks my blood..

Pragya- you also doing same, now come on point..

Abhi- rockstar mom & kids never came in it..

Pragya- these is cheating, it's totally unfair..

Abhi- they are my family, but you not in that family..

Pragya- ok, she thinks for moment..

Abhi- say it! Don't think so much, otherwise you forget your musical notes fuggy..

Pragya- whole week you'll meet to Maa & kids.. but not in house.. whole week you'll out from my house..

Abhi- you so mean..

Pragya- I do whatever for Maa & bunnies, coz I'm bloody possessive..

Abhi- you two & me one.. what's the plan..

Pragya press intercom button, put intercom on speaker- hi Bhavi, who's the model for Abhi's next song..

Bhavi- Tanushree Mehta..

Pragya- how much you paying for her..

Bhavi- she asking per day one lac..

Pragya- how many days shoot will be goes..

Bhavi- for 15 days..

Pragya- approx 15 lac.. out of budget.. I think..

Bhavi- yeah..

Pragya- may I suggest you something, if you don't mind..

Bhavi- plz..

Pragya- try new one.. Abhi's songs are always hit.. right..

Bhavi- right..

Pragya- people listen his voice, they love his voice & him, they don't bother about model, right..

Bhavi- yaa but I want this song be a big hit of the year..

Pragya- I understand, but try it new one from TV industry..

Bhavi- who's best in your way..

Pragya- Bulbul Kapoor.. best actor, most iomportant youth sensation in our country.. even out of country too, she's best.. I know you finalize Tanushree, but now a days she's bit.. you know what I mean to say you..

Bhavi- yeah you're right! I'm still not finalize her..

Pragya- ok then decision is only yours..

Bhavi- ok, I inform to Tanushree that, we approach her for next one, what say..

Pragya- yaa sure! Don't hurt her, ok..

Bhavi- yeah sure dude! Do you have Bulbul Kapoor's number..

Pragya- right now I don't have, a hour later I forward you, is it ok..

Bhavi- sure.. intercom conversation over..

Abhi twist his lips- wah Chashmish! One call & you convince them, great haan.. good..

Pragya didn't say a word & she turn herself for making notes..

Abhi- Pragu..

Pragya turn her chair to him, look him blankly- Pragu!!

Abhi- why you doing this job..

Pragya- coz I love it..

Abhi- leave this job & join business corporate world, most important, sales department is best for you.. you convince people so well..

Pragya- if your none sense talk done, now leave me alone..

Abhi- naa re Chashmish.. I can't leave you alone, you're my 'The Punching Bag’ I love to hit you..

Pragya- you jerk..

Abhi- and Pragu.. your house is mine, you can't stop me.. I come to to your house, by hook or by crook.. & your deal is dismiss..

Pragya close her eyes for couple seconds, she open her eyes, she start to smile faintly, pick intercom receiver- if you come to my house, remember one thing, I again convince them for Tanushree..

Abhi- you can't do that..

Pragya dial number- hello Bhavi, Tanushree Mehta is there..

Abhi snatch receiver & put it down- you are the one who always hurdle between me & my family..

Pragya- that's my family..

Abhi- if someone grant me one murder, I swear, I'll kill you..

Pragya- I will kill you too..

Abhi stamps his legs on floor & leave her cabin with sound of door..

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