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I groaned as the sound of my alarm rung through my ears, awaken me from my peaceful sleep.

I grabbed my phone and tried to turn the alarm off, but my vision was blurred from the light shining into my bedroom.

I took my phone and just threw it across the room which caused the alarm to turn off by itself. It was a pretty hard throw, so I'm assuming the phone probably broke.


Sighing, I pulled out my dresser and took out a new phone. I set it down on my nightstand.

Rich boi privileges.

As I laid back down, I glanced down at my forearm. My countdown had just gone down a couple of hours for the past three days.

"Jacky, come downstairs, breakfast is ready!" Henry called.

I got up and walked downstairs to the dining room where breakfast was placed out neatly on the table. My father and siblings already sitting down and eating their breakfast.

"Hi, pops." I said, sitting down at the table and rubbing my eyes.

"Why do you look so tired? God son, you're a fucking mess." Henry said.

"Everybody gets tried, but specifically today I'm just tired of you." I said, plainly.

I heard my siblings snicker at my remark.

Henry rolled his eyes as I flipped him off. He didn't see that, unfortunately.

"So, about the party..." Henry trailed off, looking at me and waiting for a response.

"I know, stop reminding me about it. Where's this going to take place anyway?" I asked.

"My casino." Henry replied.

"Of course." I said, rolling my eyes.

"I mean, when you're extremely rich like me-" Henry started to say.

I cut him off. "Dad, you're aware that Philip Schuyler is the richest man on Earth and not you, right?"

"Not true." Henry said.

"It actually is. You're worth decades, but that man is worth eons." I told him.

"Shut up, John. I will be the richest man on Earth, just you wait." Henry hissed.

I'm ashamed to call this man my father, really.

I ignored his stupidity and decided to pour myself a cup of tea. I added a little honey to the tea and sipped it happily.

"Oh right, I have found you a suitable woman for you to marry. Remember Martha Manning?" Henry asked.

I spit out my tea. "What the fuck, Henry. I can't marry her!"

"You have no other choice. She's not the prettiest, but she's got time and loads of it." Henry said.

"Is time the only thing you care about?!" I exclaimed, getting up and running upstairs to my room.

I huffed and changed into something more casual than my usual outfit. I stuffed my phone into my back pocket and left my father's mansion without saying a word to anyone.

No questions asked.

I walked to the Schuyler mansion, only being a couple of blocks down from my father's mansion.

When I got to there, I was greeted with a big, welcoming hug from one of the best people I ever met.

"Hey, Jacky!" Peggy said.

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