I growled and shifted into my human form again. I stormed towards them and yanked Kelly off of Joel. The force of my throw sent her flying into a tree deep in the forest. Werewolf strength comes in handy.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I yelled.

"What are you doing?" Joel demanded. "I was in the middle of something!"

"Yeah, something that wasn't with your MATE!" I screamed.

I was trembling with rage, and I paced in a circle. I ran my hand through my hair and glared at him.

"So, this is why Brooke is in pain," I growled. "Because your stupid ass is f*cking some worthless piece of shit that isn't your mate."

"I could be doing the same thing to you, if you're up for it," Joel said, smirking.

I gave him a murderous look and felt my eyes glow gold. The classic warning sign of a very pissed off werewolf. "What makes you think that I'd do that? Asshat or not, you're still my best friends' mate. I would never be the person who would cause her even more pain. So say that again, and I'll castrate you, fry your little friend, and shove it down your throat. And I follow through on my threats. So in case you don't want that to happen, I strongly suggest you stop doing things with girls."

"Not my fault she didn't expect me to be how I am, unlike how you expected." Joel smirked. "Yeah, I saw the look on your face. You knew what I was gonna do, didn't you?"

"All you jackasses are the same," I said. "Of course I knew what you were gonna do. I just had high hopes you wouldn't hurt Brooke even more. Shame it all happened before I could stop it."

"You didn't even have a chance. You know how it is when you find your mate."

"No, I don't. Jackass number one rejected me, but I didn't feel a damn thing towards him. He's not my mate nor will he ever be my mate. Like I said, all you jackasses are the same."

"Brooke is a special case for me. Still feels the pain even after I rejected her. Claiming her was my special touch. I don't like being tied down. I did it for her. Claiming gives you females such pleasure." Joel smirked.

I lost it.

I growled and kicked him. It sent him flying back into a tree, and I sped over to him. I grabbed him by his throat and slammed him against the tree again.

My eyes were practically blazing gold, and my claws had extended so they were cutting into his throat. I didn't bother to retract them.

"Give me one good reason," I growled, my voice deadly, "why I shouldn't kill you right now."

"Because it would kill Brooke," he gasped.

I debated on killing him anyway-once simple swipe of my hand could either break his neck or cut his throat-but I knew he was right. Reluctantly, I loosened my hold on his throat.

Then, he did a very, very, very, stupid thing. He tried to attack me.

I jumped back once I saw what he was trying to do, and I growled. Before I could stop myself, I shifted.

I lunged at him, growling, and dug my claws into his side. Joel screamed, but it wasn't nearly enough pain he deserved. Knowing I couldn't kill him and Liam was probably getting worried about me, I turned and ran back to the house.

I shifted back into human form once I reached the door and walked in. Liam was sitting down in the chair and looked up when he saw me.

"What happened?" he asked, taking in my torn clothes.

When a werewolf shifts, their clothes stay on, they just get ripped to fit your wolf. Basically when you shift your like a human in a wolf costume, so you're still clothed. It's complicated.

"I got into a fight," I said. "How's Brooke?"

"She's fine," Liam said. "She started to feel a little more pain, but then it went away. What happened?"

"I found out why Brooke is in pain," I growled. "That jackass Joel is f*cking Kelly and tried to attack me."

"WHAT!?" Liam bellowed. He got up and started pacing. "THAT SON OF A BITCH! I'M GONNA KILL THAT MUTT!"

"Liam, go," I said, seeing him about to shift. "You'll only worry Brooke more if you shift here."

"Are you okay?" Liam managed to ask calmly.

"I'm fine, I beat his ass," I said. "Now go."

Liam hesitated, but then he ran out the door. I saw him shift into his blonde wolf right as he made it into the yard. He ran off, and I walked up to Brooke.

"Hey Bree," I said. "You feeling okay?"

"Yeah, I feel fine," she said. "I heard what you said to Liam. Thanks for watching out for me."

"It's my job," I said. I sat next to her. "I would've killed him, but it could've killed you. And I won't let that happen."

"Thanks, Hales," Brooke said. "I feel better. I think I'm gonna-"

She stopped short. The color drained from her face, and her skin flared hot again.

"Brooke?" I asked worriedly.

She didn't respond.

"Brooke!" I yelled.

Again, no response.

"BROOKE!" I screamed.

She did respond, but it wasn't the way I wanted her to. She doubled over and did something that scared me to the core. She vomited a fountain of blood.

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