Part 6

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He is kissing Nandini like a mad hound.
Grabbing her tight from her waist
And she is cluthing his collar....

And the morning bells rang......


The class is settling down ......

Ravish and Shan are whispering softly
Ravish - apna Michael Jackson Kaha hai

Shaan - Nandini ayi thi room mein.

Ravish - ye marega ek din....

Tina - guyes
New year ka Kya plan hai....

Shan - is bar Goa chalte Hain yaar

Tina - rehne de
Kuch aisa plan Karo Jo execute ho sake.....

Ravish - han Yar
Mere dad nahi manenge Goa ke liye

Tina - well
There is big new year party at my place
Mere dad ne arrange ki hai....
Unke kuch foreign delegates ke liye...

Ravish - Tina
I love you for this

Shan - free ki daru.

Shan and ravish gave a hifi to Eachother

Just then Rajveer sneak in to the classroom.

And got seated beside Shan ...
And the first thing he did was to spot her.

She always sits in a fixed spot
Away from a corner.

Professor entered the class and the class begins
About marketing skills....

The class went on and Rajveer was all the time distracted with her...

By the end of the class
The professor announced the mid term project and also announced the names assigned as partners of the project

And Rajveer almost fell from chair when the name got announced

Rajveer Singh shikhawat and Naina Singh ahluwalia.

His friends giggled too
And he got alarmed
And saw her
Who was now fidgeting even more...

The bell rang and everyone started leaving.

Shan - Basu sir ne to tum dono ki kundliya Mila di....

Rajveer - chup be

He threw pen on him

Ravish - ek bat Bata
Tum dono ka project banega kaise
Project banane ke liye ek dusre see Baat karni padti hai.

Shan and ravish gave a hifi
Making fun of him...

While Tina stopped both of them.

Shan - I think tum log use kuch zyada hi attention de rahe ho.

Ravish - attention to wo nahi deti Rajveer ko...

Rajveer -watch your words ok
I never tried on her
Warna Mera charm resist Kar sake aj Tak Aisi ladki paida nahi Hui

Shan -bol mat Karke dikha
Waise bhi Tera dare due hai.....

Tina - guyes tum log bhi Kya......
But her sentence hung in mid way as Rajveer was already in his way.


He said and sat pulling a chair from next table keeping a distance .....

She was arranging her file when he barged in her space without warning.

She replied with low pitch
Arranging her shawl....on her

"To yaha karna hai ya kahi aur chalen"
He asked

And she saw her with confusion

"Kya "
She asked

Project ke topic ka

Hum dono project partners hain."

He gave her a reminder
To which she got some more nervous.

"Main topic decide Karke apko Bata dungi"
She said and got up collecting her things

"Excuse me
Tum akele decide Kar logi"
He objected

She saw him again with nervous eyes

"To phir AP decide Kar lijiye"
She said trying to escape

"Ye Kya bat Hui
Sara kaam main Karun"
He tried to sound exploited

She inhaled a deep sigh

"To phir AP Kya chahte hain"
She asked unable to deal with a situation like this....
It's so difficult to talk with a human...

She thought....

"Ek cup coffee"
He said with a smile.

She asked

"Yar dekho
subah see lecture sun sun ke main pak Gaya Hun
I want some coffee... Uske bad hi main kuch soch paunga."

"Thik hai
AP coffee pee ke library mein a jana"
She left the desk and started walking

He was surprised
She is the first girl who is not interested in having coffee with him.

He got up and ran after her.

"Naina suno......"
He called and covered the distance by walking fast.

"Tum bhi Chalo canteen
Coffee Pete Pete sath mein discuss Kar lenge"
He suggested

But she kept walking without a stop.

"Hum coffee nahi peete"
She said

"To chai pee Lena"
He suggested

"Humara abhi man nahi hai"
She replied....

"Are Pani pee Lena....
Ya wo bhi nahi peeti tum"
He joked.....

They were already standing in front of library.

"Hum panch baje Tak yahi rahenge
AP coffee pee ke ajayega"
She said and ran inside the library immediately
Before he can stop her.

"Itna to ajtak Kisi ladki ke peeche nahi bhaga"
He talked to himself.

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