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<3 This is the slightly sensured version of this chapter, if you want to read the full mature version of this chapter then you should already know what to do by now... I was not able to sensure this chapter as much as I would have liked, so please just skip to the bottom of the chapter if you find the contents a bit to disturbing. And as always be smart... Play with fire and you will get burned, or accidentally kill someone....<3

Bryan carefully pried my hands away from his shirt as he gently sat me down on the white tiled floor. He held my hands in his for a moment as he placed a warm lingering kiss on the ice cold knuckles of my right hand, and then he let me go.

I whimpered at the loss of contact. I needed him, I needed his comfort. He was after all the only one available to give me any sort of human contact, and I was a parched woman in the middle of the desert. I stared at him, at my oasis, as he started to fill up the giant tub. He was a cruel beauty, a feast for the eyes. His exterior was like a sirens song, luring you in before the monster hiding underneath it all grasped you, shredding you to bits with its deadly claws.

I watched as he straightened up, walked over to the hamper and started to remove his clothes. One by one they left his toned body, and was dropped down into the waiting pile of dirty laundry. I could not look away. I could not for the life of me stop my eyes from feasting on his flesh.

He dropped the last item of clothing, and turned around, his whole attention fixed onto me. I found myself staring at his feet as he made his way over to me. My cheeks were ablaze, my heart pounding so hard that it almost hurt. Who was I kidding, my heart didnt hurt. I had just felt real pain, and this was no where close to it.

«Stand up love.» He held his hand out to me, and I grabbed the offered support as I struggled to my feet.

His long fingers curled around the hem of my dress as he slowly pulled it up over my head. I watched as the pupils of his eyes dilated, and his cinnamon orbs darted all over my body. His teeth nipped at his bottom lip, his breath came out slightly labored as he took me in, and I could not help but follow the path of his eyes with my own.

All across my body where these round red spots, they looked kind of like bug bites, being a bit bigger than a mosquito bite in size. And I knew from experience that these red spots would over the next week grow darker, that they would take on a purple hue, before they slowly changed color to yellow and green, and then slowly fade away into nothing.

My lips parted in horror as his hands went around my shaking form, opening the clasp of my bra. He wasnt actually turned on by the sight of my body right now, but by the lingering proof of what he had done to it. He was turned on by the red marks marring my milky white skin, he was turned on by the bruises they would soon become. The proof of pain inflicted had made him hard. He pulled the bra down my arms, freeing my breasts from their cotton prison.

I watched as he crouched down before me, his warm fingers pulling my panties down. My labored breathing now matched his own.

"You sick twisted fuck!" My harsh spoken words halted the movement of his hands.

His head tilted up from the sight of my bared pussy, as he focused his dark orbs onto my blurry blue ones.

"What seems to bring about this... sudden outburst love?" His voice was husky, his halting words indicating that his mind was occupied elsewhere.

"You are turned on by what you just did to me, by the fucking marks you left all over my body. You are sick... you are... you.." I spat my accusation at him, my voice dying off for a lack of words.

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