[11] Like Spring

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I can hear Atty pacing outside the door. The distinct pitter patter of his pristine leather oxfords is so distracting that I stop applying my highlight, getting lost in the rhythm. Then Collette peeks her head out from behind me, clicking her tongue as she finishes zipping up my dress.

"Hustle Jade, otherwise my baby will have an aneurysm what with all that worrying he's doing right outside," she coos gently. Collette glances at my reflection in the mirror and places a soft hand on my shoulder.

"You look so beautiful. Like a little angel."

I turn to face her and take her hands in mine. "Well, I do have a hell of a dress."

She shakes her head, laughing as if I'm kidding.  But I'm not.

It's completely true. After our wipe out at the mall on Monday, Jay convinced Collette to fix something up from one of her basement creations. I never imagined I would be able to wear that stunning yellow piece I saw the other day. I was content just looking at it, but to be in it? Unbelievable.

My eyes find their way back to the mirror and I once again admire the pure craftsmanship of the item. As I shift around, the light bounces off of the intricate embroidery on the gold bodice. It looks like little fireflies dancing in the valleys of the hand stitched design. I lose my breath for about the fifth time today, grinning like a madman. I'm this giddy over just the chest piece, never mind how smooth the canary yellow chiffon feels against my newly shaved legs, or how unbelievably sexy I feel whenever I flash a calf through the discreet leg slit.

It's a dress worth enduring these damn red velvet heels for.

Oh boy, if all I did today was walk around the house, I would die happy. At this point the ball is an added bonus.

When I hear Collette giggling, I ask, "what? Does it look silly?"

"No! Not at all. It's just... your lipstick."

Huh? I put on the reddest red I could find because it's my favorite and I never miss an opportunity to don blood lips.

She notices the confusion etched on my face and elaborates. "I'm sure you didn't know this but Atty's a sucker for red lipstick. He's gonna think Jay or I put you up to it."


Somehow the thought of Atty being susceptible to me is oddly... intriguing? Arousing? I don't know, but I like it.

I'm guessing I took too long because Atty knocks on the door then opens it just a few seconds later. When he sees the two of us standing around, lurking near the mirror, I'm guessing it doesn't sit too well with him.

His eyes widen and he gasps. "Jade, the car's already here. If we don't leave now, we'll be late!"

Oops. Yeah, I should probably finish up. But holy moly, Atty cleans up nice. Wow, I knew he was good looking but damn. When I make no move to pick up the brush, he crosses the room in two long strides and picks it up himself, getting to work on my highlight.

Maybe I should question how he knows to do that. But I'm too busy staring now that he's up close. His ink black hair usually falls against his forehead or is pushed around near the temples. But today it's styled back and now the strength of his brow bone is truly apparent. And somehow, his jaw looks sharper, cheekbones higher. 

And those eyes. Have they always been such a striking green? Have they always been so deep?

Topped off with the tie and pocket square that match the yellow of my own dress... maybe I'm the one who's susceptible.

"You're so pretty," I whisper. It takes all the self control I have to not stroke his cheek. So pretty.

He chuckles, now fanning the brush on the bridge of my nose. "Thanks."

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