Getting Along (Semi-Lime)

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Your POV

We arrived at her castle and I must say it was huge. And deadly hot on the inside. Some areas are cooled inside the castle so no one dies of overheating. But, currently as of now I was being introduced to one of Bowsette's minions.

Bowsette: Kamek this is (Y/N). He'll be staying with us for a bit.

Kamek: Pardon my questioning my Queen. But may I ask why?

Bowsette: Princess Plum nearly tricked him into being his new love bird.

Kamek: Hmm that does seem problematic. If she was Queen the news will spread quickly causing concern and safety among the other Kingdoms.

Me: Wait. So if she married me she would've started a war?

Bowsette: That's about it. That's the only reason I attack her. There are two ways of becoming a Queen. One being elected by a good portion of the rules Kingdom. Two selecting the one you wish to marry.

Me: So I'm guessing the first is how you became queen?

Kamek: Yes. Ever since her arrival she's been the greatest of Queen's; treating us with care.

Me: So why can't Plum do the same thing?

Bowsette: Well If you couldn't tell before my little raid. Most Toads don't truly trust miss tall and cuddly. Her only Royale subjects are her guards.

Me: So she's forced to go to number two. Putting a target on my back.

Bowsette: I guess there's no brakes for someone dumb as you.

Me: I'm not dumb!

Bowsette: You don't know what dinner is. Who doesn't know what a 'dinner' is!? How are you even alive!? Do you even know what dumb means?

Me: (¡ _ ¡) I'm not stupid...

Bowsette sighed as she snapped her fingers as a little brown fungus called a Goomba I think approached us.

Bowsette: Show this guy the library and get the biggest dictionary you find.

He nodded as he walked passed me and I followed sighing to myself. Maybe staying with the Princess wouldn't have been so bad.

Bowsette POV

As (Y/N) was taken away by the Goomba me and Kamek walked to my bedroom.

Me: Can you believe that kid? Probably doesn't even know his back hand.

Kamek: Well some people in cases can have serious amnesia.

Me: If that's what he has. Please don't tell me it gets worse.

Kamek: Not unless you drop a Thwomp over his head. But, I must say this is the perfect opportunity.

Me: For what?

I say opening the doors to my room.

Kamek: Well... You see me and the troops have been worried for you your highness.

Me: About what?

Kamek: Well.. For not having someone.

The statement maid trip and break the heels of my shoes as I fell to the ground.

Kamek: M-my Queen!?

I just groan as I take the broken set off and throw them into them out the window to the lava.

Me: I don't need any one Kamek.

Kamek: We've all noticed that you've been mostly locked into your room. We also see you dozing off to sleep or from boredom. I really think this boy is your opportunity.

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