Chapter Twenty Six

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"Aubrianna, you have to eat," Roman said. I sighed and shook my head no. After I donated blood, I didn't feel like eating. My body was so limb and I couldn't get myself to move.

"We had a deal," he stated.

"Please, Malik! Please not now!" I begged. I didn't feel like eating at all. I didn't know what was wrong but yeah. I just didn't feel like eating.

"I hate that name coming from your lips," Malik stated.

"But I like it, plus it suits you more than Roman," I said.

"Maybe I can like it then," he said and attacked my lips in a kiss. I kissed back and he warped my own arms around his neck and he warped his arms around my waist. He carried me and then sat down with me on his lap.

He let go and then said, "You've the best lips ever. They can be part from heaven, princess."

I blushed and then smiled lightly. He looked at me at then said, "Okay! Now, let's get you some food and I don't want argues. We had a deal."

I sighed giving up. Malik nodded and then stood up with me in his arms. He walked to the table that had food on it. It had some Mac 'n' cheese. I smiled at him and he started feeding me. I adore this. I adored Mac 'n' cheese. I expected some vegetable and soup. I finished eating and then Derek came. He was quite nervous and scared. I didn't blame him in fact I was surprised that I wasn't. I sighed and then tried assuring him. I didn't know where did that power come from. However, it was a miracle.

"The doctor said that his case was dangerous, Brianna! The upcoming hour will decide his density," Derek said. I hugged him and he hugged me back. I didn't want to think like that. I wanted to stay strong and be positive.

"Derek! Man up! He will be fine. We both know him. He is a fighter. He likes to worry us like that. Don't make me name situations. Your sister is stronger than you, and that is so not good for you," Malik stated and I glared at him.

"Forget what he said. He is a meanie," I said glaring at him. I was actually annoyed because of him. I hugged Derek and he hugged me back. I started assuring him that everything would be fine and all that time I could tell that Malik wasn't that glad, but who cared?! That was my brother.

"It's okay! He is good. He will live. I promise you that. He loves us and he would never leave us. He would never mess the chance of being with the two of us," I assured. Assuring him made my eyes water as by every passing second I felt how bad the situation was. I was holding back my tears just to sound strong enough to be believable. Derek sighed and then stopped crying. He hugged me and just then I started crying.

"Derek, leave the room before you start again. Go have a walk and fresh air and leave your sister to me," Malik said. He knew that if Derek stayed, we would both be crying. Derek nodded. He left the room and Malik came to me.

"Hold me, please!" I asked with tears in my eyes. I needed to be in his arms right now. He made me feel safe and strong and I needed that the most right now. He hugged me and kissed my forehead.

"Calm down! He will be fine," Malik assured. He was stronger than everyone here.

"You think so?!" I asked looking any him. He nodded and kissed my forehead again. I wrapped my arms around his waist as I want him to hold me tighter. I needed every support I could find. Seconds later, we heard a nurse coming our way. We looked at her and she had a little warm smile on her face. She looked at Malik and then said, "He is getting better. However, he is still in danger. I just thought about telling you."

Malik didn't reply. He looked at me and I hugged him a little happier. I smiled at him and his lips twitched a little. I looked at the nurse and found her staring at my man. That made me feel uncomfortable. I looked at her with a glare which she returned. I turned to look at him and found him smirking at the face that I was making. I looked at him and immediately kissed his lips without thinking. No one thinks about my man that way. Malik smirked against the kiss and then put his arms around my waist pulling me tighter. I placed my hand around his neck and circled my legs around his waist. That nurse should be put in place. I was always the jealous kind, because well he was mine.

The nurse left but the kiss still lasted. I relaxed and he smirked again. After few seconds, we parted. I put my hand on his mouth preventing him from talking as soon as we did. I knew that he would start teasing me because I was jealous. He looked at me with a wide smirk on his lips and I blushed insane. I knew what he wanted to say as that wasn't the first time I did something like that. However, no one can blame me. I was only claiming what's mine. He shouldn't be the only one with the claiming thing.

"Some things never change, huh?!" He teased south a wink. He kissed the hand which was on his mouth and I smiled widely. I was blushing like a manic but I was happy.

"I love you, Brianna," he said and my heart skipped a beat.

"I love you too, Malik. I have always loved you as Malik and as Roman," I said with a smile. He kissed my lips again and I kissed him back.

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