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Hwang Hyunjin scans the sea of crowd around him with a perfect victorious grin on his lips, his right hand held high up in the air and the small yet fast little golden ball secured between his thumb and pointer finger, the small pair of wings it h...

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Hwang Hyunjin scans the sea of crowd around him with a perfect victorious grin on his lips, his right hand held high up in the air and the small yet fast little golden ball secured between his thumb and pointer finger, the small pair of wings it has still flapping aggressively. The sixteen-year-old just won yet another Quidditch match, making the Slytherin team have one step closer to winning the league.

Slytherin's captain looks at the boy with pride from the ground, smirking at the other team as the pass by with their heads dropped, saying the words of 'congratulations' bitterly.

The feeling of satisfaction flows through Hyunjin's bloodstream as the cheers from the house in green grows louder when the seeker spins through the air in magnificent loops. Oh what a feeling.

The boy descends to the ground, immediately suffocated with the team who all jumped on him.

"And King Hwang did it again!" Lee Minho, the team captain cheers and the two exchanges a handshake with each other.

"Dude," Hyunjin hops off his broomstick and walks next to the older back into the changing rooms, his grin never leaving his face, "it was nothing."

Minho pushes the boy's shoulders playfully, "you say that every time."

"And besides, who was ready to pass out in the middle of the game?" Minho wonders out loud, recalling Hyunjin's state halfway through the game, "oh that's right, it was you!"

"But I came to my senses!"

"And he said that 'it was nothing'," Minho continues, his face twisting as he mocks the sixth year in a more high pitched voice. Minho then laughs seeing Hyunjin's sour expression and claps his back, "you did well, brother, now go change and have something to eat, alright?"

Hyunjin thinks Minho is the best team captain ever.

Hyunjin quickly takes a shower before changing his clothing back into his favourite navy pants and olive green turtleneck. The weather is starting to get chilly, and the thought of the warmth radiating from the Great Hall is welcoming.

Hyunjin spots his best friend Seungmin sitting peacefully on one end of the Slytherin table, munching on a scone whilst reading a book. Seungmin is wearing a dark coloured knitted jumper, his favourite pants and a beret on his head, a golden rimmed glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose to complete his look.

Seungmin has been quite fashionista ever since the two met, which was back in first year at the dorms where the two shared a room with two other boys. The latter owns a lot of clothing, which the two boys share a lot. Seungmin has also been Hyunjin's personal stylist, giving the boy fashion advice or just any advice in general.

Hyunjin plonks himself next to his best friend, breaking the other end of the latter's scone and dropping it into his mouth as if he's done it a million times before.

"So I'm guessing you didn't watch the match," Hyunjin speaks with his mouth full, crumbs flying everywhere making Seungmin twist his face with disgust. "Which we won by the way."

"And guess who won it?" the blond haired boy asks Seungmin, even though the answer is already obvious, "this guy!" And he points his thumb to himself proudly.

"I have better things to do," Seungmin tells his best friend, "like eat."

Hyunjin blows a raspberry, "pssh what? There are better things to do than eating."

"Like what? Those muggle thingies they call Netflix?" Seungmin asks, looking sideways at the boys through the rim of his glasses. "They don't have connection here. One of the things I'm disappointed of about Hogwarts, to be honest with you."

That is somewhat true, sometimes all Hyunjin wants to do is have one of those nights people call a 'Netflix and chill'. You know, where people would just kind of laze around in their beds, surrounded by popcorn and junk food whilst watching their favourite show to pull an all nighter on.

"What're you reading?" Hyunjin asks, leaning over Seungmin's shoulder to read a sentence of two from his book.

"'Beginner's Guide to Becoming an Auror'?" the boy snorts, resulting with Seungmin throwing him a dirty look.

"I can read whatever my eyes want to read," he snaps and continues back to reading.

"But your brother is already one," Hyunjin reminds his best friend, "you don't need another in the family. What you need is a --"

"-- stop trying to get me to try out for the Quidditch team, Hyunjin," Seungmin cuts him off, "not interested."

"Wow, geez, calm down horsey."

"I'm not an athletic person so shove off."

Hyunjin fights the urge to scoff. Seungmin and the words not athletic shouldn't even belong in the same sentence. He remembers that one time the other boy told him stories about his life on the muggle side of South Korea and that he won a lot of track and field competitions as a kid.

And if he remembers correctly, Seungmin isn't even that bad on a broomstick. He has the basic to literally every single thing in this world, it's actually kind of scary to Hyunjin, but if that's how Seungmin works then it's how Seungmin works.

The only one time he fell off his broom was in first year when they had their first flying lesson, and that was because the boy was pushed anyway. There's really no reason as to why Seungmin should be uninterested with playing the sport, because if he does play well, he might even secure his spot on a team.

"Come on, let's get back to the common room," Seungmin says, throwing his legs over the benches before standing up. "I want to sleep..."

"... or we could go outside while we wait for dinner!" Hyunjin responds enthusiastically, "you lazy bones, we haven't got all day!"

"But I want to sleep!" Seungmin whines, dragging Hyunjin along with him but failing to do so. The older is still firm in his spot, unmoving, his eyes looking through the window.

"You're no fun," Seungmin finally says, giving in to what Hyunjin wants.

The sixteen year old squeals in excitement and skips out the door, Seungmin and his deep cherry coloured hair trailing behind him lazily.


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