The vampire countess and her princess

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Moonlight shimmered along the ground of the Palace of diamonds and ice, casting brilliant light along the exterior of the palace. The palace glittered a dazzling crystal blue, masquerading as ice. Those who saw its beauty were awestruck. They were tempted to go into the palace, but feared the one who lived inside. She was both beautiful and a monster all at once. She was the countess, the most powerful vampire in the world. She could kill a single person with one bite. She was ruthless and relentless to those who harmed her or did her wrong. But soon, her heart would change.

It was a clear and beautiful evening in the kingdom. The Royal guards were hard at work, protecting the Countess and her servants. Well, the one remaining servant, Margaret, who the Countess had not killed because of wrongdoing.

Countess Elizabeth, or Elsa, as most people knew her as, was seated comfortably on her throne, wearing a beautiful ensemble of deep purple velvet with a dark blue cloak. Her platinum blonde hair swirled gracefully around her in a loose wave of curls that were hanging from a hi ponytail at the base of her head. A crown of diamonds and sapphires was placed just so in front of her ponytail. She was jolted from her relaxation by the arrival of two of her Royal guards, Derek and Sampson, who were dragging a young woman behind them.

Derek. Countess, Sampson and I have found this young woman snooping around your palace. She claims to have been beaten violently by a young man.

Sampson. She also claims to be the princess of The palace of roses. He laughed.

The Countess looked at her Royal guards. Let me see her.

Derek and Sampson obliged, dropping the young woman in front of the Countess. They took a few steps back to give them space.

Elsa looked down at the young woman before her, and very gently lifted her chin. As their eyes met, she felt her heart stop in her chest.

The young princess before her was absolutely beautiful. Her eyes were a dazzling turquoise blue, her skin was a mixture of cream and roses, her hair was a rich strawberry blonde, and her lips were a dainty pink. She was wearing the scarlet ensemble with ruffles and lace.

As she continued to look at the princess, the Countess suddenly realized that the girl was trembling. With fear. But not from her. From the person who had attacked her. Gingerly, she brushed her thumb across the girls cheek. Hello.

The princess couldn't reply. Her lips trembled along with her body. Her face was pale. Tears filled her eyes and rolled down her face.

Overcome with compassion for the young princess, the Countess easily scooped her up into her arms. She looked at her Royal guards. Make sure no one comes in. She's going to be under my care.

Sampson. But my lady! She is human!

Elsa glared at him with narrowed frosted blue eyes. What does that have to do with my tending to her? Can't you see she's injured?

Derek. We are merely stating that she is human, fair countess. You have killed humans before. Why should this girl be any different?

The Countess tightened her arms around the princess. Because she does not fear me like everyone else does. She trusts me.

Sampson. How can you be so sure?

The princess whimpered quietly, resting her head against the Countess for support.

Elsa caressed the princess gently against her shoulder. That's why. Now, if either one of you should need me, I will be tending to her. She turned onto her heel. Do not let anyone in. Do you understand? Or you will both wake up with bite marks on your neck. Or worse, you might not wake up at all.

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