Late for school

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Izuku POV
Shit I'm going to be late for school. I got up from bed went to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I finished I went back to my room and put my clothes on and I ran out of the house. I finally got to school I was a few minutes late the bell hadn't ring yet. I was walking in the hell and I finally got to my door I open it. I saw bakugo siting staring that me for some reason I was worried I did something wrong again. I slowly walk to my sit and and sat down.

Ochaco hey deku
Izuku oh hey ochaco
Ochaco um deku can i talk to you after school about something
Izuku sure
Ochaco ok see you later (blush)

Class hasn't started yet I look that bakugo again he smelled so good today. I been in love with bakugo ever senses we were kids. He bullied me in elementary. I hate it but it never bug me yeah it hurt but I didn't care. Then finally Aizawa finally walk in telling everyone to take there sits. We learned about are quirks and how to use it.

Class finally end it was lunch time
Kirishima hey Izuku
Izuku hey kirishima
Kirishima hey want eat lunch with us
Izuku sure
Kirishima ok just save me a sit
Izuku ok see you there

Kirishima left
I got up and went to the cafeteria I got my food and I went to go sit with ochaco and lida. I was waiting for kirishima he was with bakugo. I was a little scared If he was mad that me. Then shortly after kirishima and bakugo came bakugo sat next to me
Deku hey Kacchan
Bakugo noticed and got up and ran away I was a bit confused what happened kirishima went after him. Few minutes past kirishima came back with a sad face.

Izuku: kirishima did something happen to Bakugo
Kirishima: no don't worry he fine he just in a bad mood
Izuku oh ok I hope he's ok
Kirishima : he fine

Lunch time was over it after school
Ochaco came up to me when I was getting my back pack
Ochaco: hey deku
Izuku oh hey ochaco
Ochaco can We talk now
Izuku sure
Ochaco deku I ..I..lov

Then bakugo grab my hand what the hell

Hope you like it :) I want bullied there relationship up slowly so it may take time for bakugo to let out he's feeling for deku

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