He Shall Return (EDITED)

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As I slowly wandered to bed, I never knew food could be that good. Even mum couldn't...mum, dad! The present! I had to open it!

Dashing up the stairs, I pushed past all the other students, eager to reach my dorm. I raced to my trunk as Luna watched with an interested gaze, grabbing the packet, it tore. Gracefully, the silvery cloak spilled out onto the floor, followed by a note, folded by a careful hand. I opened it carefully and read:

My dearest Lily,

This was mine and my father's and his father's before him and so on. It is the invisibility cloak that your mother told you about in bedtime stories, it is all true. I hope that you use this well, use it to help, not to hinder. But have fun.



I smiled, it was so amazing, the Potters owning such a magical object was remarkable. But then, if it was dad's then...he destroyed Voldemort. That's  why people looked at me so strangely. I was the daughter of the Chosen One. The prophecy..."and he shall return to face down the blood of whom destroyed him." That was a more recent prophecy, it was about a girl who's father killed Voldemort...meaning it must be me.

That means that Voldemort was going to come after me, try to kill me? Why didn't my parents tell me this? All prophecies come true, they would've known that I had to face down Voldemort, and yet they decided to ignore it and make me feel normal. I understood their reasoning, they didn't want to scare me, but the truth as important. My breathing began to quicken in panic as I realised that I would have to defeat the the most feared wizard of all time. My vision blurred and my mind went haywire. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move, I was frozen as the whole world sped past me in a frenzy. The world didn't notice the girl who may die young. They didn't notice the Chosen One's daughter. They were happy, none of them realised what was coming. But I did, and I had to stop him before he corrupted our world like he did before. I had to save our world. I couldn't do that, it was impossible, I was all alone in this world, no one to help me understand how I could possibly stand up to him. No one.

This was my final thought before I blacked out:

"He shall return."

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