Chapter 21: Kat

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Over the last month, I'd had my fair share of waking up in compromising or otherwise unpleasant situations.

And I was getting really fucking sick of it.

My brain sputtered to life as slowly as my body regained some sense of movement- limited movement at least. God, everything hurt. My back, my neck, my head. My whole body was throbbing, pain literally pulsating throughout each section of me.

A whine so strained and pathetic that I didn't want to claim it as my own creeped from my throat as I tried lifting my head up. My neck cried out in protest as I moved it from one pained angle to another. Drool crusted down my cheek and chin and I went to reach my hand up to wipe the dried saliva from my face.

Only, my hand wouldn't budge.

Something sharp dug into my wrists as I yanked them again and then again to no avail. Panic set off like an alarm in my mind and my entire body spasmed in response.

Nothing moved more than an inch.

The alarm was now blaring in my mind, screeching so loudly that it forced my eyes out of their heavy rest and snapped open.

I was sitting in a chair.


I was restrained in a chair with black zip ties securing both of my arms and legs to the chair. And what's worse? That wasn't the most horrifying discovery I made right then.

My outfit was different. Much, much different.

Skin was showing everywhere, pale and thinner than usual since I'd been gone. Panic squeezed my lungs like a stress ball, pushing air in and out in rapid succession the more I took in my all too revealing outfit.

Red, satin underwear with a matching bra and black thigh highs clinging to cover what little skin they could.

Someone had dressed me.

Some stranger had undressed me first, seen my naked body while I was unconscious and then used me as their personal fucking Barbie doll. My mind couldn't even comprehend how fucked up that was. I didn't have time to deal with that and shoved the violated feeling into the back of my mind to hopefully never unpack.

I had bigger shit to deal with as it was. Despite all of our planning.... I'd failed.

I didn't need anyone to tell me where I was.

My whereabouts was stained in the air around me.  I felt the paralyzing fear trapped in the walls and the helpless screams soaking into my pores. The past horrors of this place sank down on my chest, pushing and compacting until a pitiful sob choked from my lungs. My head hung as low as I felt as tears flowed from my eyes, falling almost instantly into the air and splashing on the concrete ground below.

"No..." I wept unapologetically as the realization became too overpowering to ignore.

I'd lost.

Against all of my fighting, planning, hoping and praying I was still exactly where Heather wanted me to be.  I choked out sob after harrowing sob knowing that I'd failed myself and Dominic and my baby sister. How could I be so fucking stupid? I actually thought that I could get myself out of this. My goddamn ego told me that I could win this and I listened. I'd let myself believe that I could beat the system and got so caught up in my hopes of freedom that I wholeheartedly believed that I was going to reach it.

All I would get for my delusional whims now was everything I was fighting tooth and nail against. I let my arrogance led the way and for it, I would be sold, raped, and thankfully killed soon after.

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