Fireplace (Chansaw)

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Hey, everyone! I hope you enjoy this one-shot, it's a bit longer than usual. Also, this does contain FLUFF and SMUT, so viewer discretion is advised.


Veronica's POV

Tonight, I'm spoiling the already spoiled Heather Chandler. You see, Chandler is unique in many ways, she's nice, she's hot, and she's bitchy, just how I like it! I'm lucky to even be in a relationship with this fine woman.

Before she and I got into a romantic relationship, she was as cold as the Arctic, and she wasn't charming to be around. Yet, I persisted with my undying flirty ways, and I tugged her heartstrings a little. It's enough that she developed feelings for me. Heh, I still remember that day so well, I will never forget it!

"Chandler's been acting awfully strange, right Veronica?" Mac chirped in delight as Duke embraced her

"Yeah, she's not this emotional, ever. I wonder what's been bothering her lately?" I ponder aloud

"Nothing much, I bet it's her Dad not being alright with her being a lesbian," Dukie suggested

"I didn't know she's a lesbian, maybe she has a crush on a cute girl!" I smile while stifling back a girly giggle

Ah, yes, Heather Chandler is the almighty, mythic bitch that has Westerburg High in the palm of her pedicured hands. Now, she apparently has some emotional issues concerning a lady love, I hope the targeted person reciprocates those feelings back to her. I'm not sure as to what would happen if she were to be rejected. Only my sanity might remain.

Then, Chandler just so happens to turn the corner of the hallway and begins to search for the one that she desires; the one she lusts after. Bafflingly, her blue-grey eyes lock onto my chocolate brown ones and lick her lips like a hungry lion who spotted dinner. Chandler strides towards me with a pep in her step. Her gaze is mesmerizing, I can't break out of her enchanting spell that she cast. Everyone in the hall part the way, Red Sea-style, as to not disturb the hungry lioness as she pounces on her prey. Next thing I know, my petite body is pinned against the cold, hard metal lockers with Heather Chandler breathing down my neck, hot and heavy.

"Hey, Veronica. I came here to tell you that I've grown to like you quite a bit, I'm doing this just because I want no one else to have you!" Chandler growled seductively

I didn't have time to respond as she pressed her cherry-red lips against my fluffy pink ones. That's when I knew, I had feelings for Heather Chandler all along, I couldn't help but return the gesture by kissing her back. She is satisfied with this interaction, as she quickly thanks me before walking away. Also, I noticed that she left something in my palms, it was her very phone number

Now, it's time to celebrate my time with Chandler by preparing a few things. First, I must light up the fireplace, then make some hot chocolate, and finally, bring down some fluffy blankets while starting up the radio with Christmas music. Chandler has been on a case for a few days now since she's a detective, so I think she'd want to relax next to her lover, before falling asleep.

To kick things off, I decide to make some hot cocoa in the coffee pot, just so then it could stay warm. I had a sip or two before deciding that it needed some more cream, after stirring it once more, I head to the living room to light the fireplace. The wood was lit ablaze as the fire crackled in full fury as I put the fire screen at the front. I head towards the radio and turn it onto an instrumental radio station that played only Christmas music.

After I get the blankets from upstairs, I lay them across the length of the couch and delicately straightening them out, even though I'm not straight. I can't help but think about how stressful Chandler's job is like she must investigate murders, abuse cases, and crack houses. She's always on the move with barely anytime to come home and rest. Luckily, she's being moved to a different department so we could get more time together. Thanks, Mac! Anyways, I bet the only thing on her mind is me and my body, however, I doubt that Chandler will want to have sexual intercourse with me.

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