Chapter One Hundred and Three

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Draco and I were relatively okay after our spat last night, but there was still lingering tension. The burning and weighing on my chest never went away. I felt it intensify as Daphne and I neared the Slytherin table for breakfast and I saw him too close for comfort with Faye. I tried to turn my nose up, coercing myself into believing it was immature jealousy and there was nothing to worry about. But the feeling didn't leave and by the time Daphne and I sat down, the weighing felt suffocating.

"Goodmorning!" Faye chimed as she leant over my boyfriend to grin at me.

I feigned a quick smile, "Morning, Faye."

"Good morning," Daphne returned.

"How did you sleep?" Draco then asked me.

"Well," I was short. "You?"

The subtle inhale through his nose told me he suppressed a huff. "Well." He answered, just as short.

"Good." I lifted my lips into another fake smile, one he saw straight through.

The wafting scent of bacon and green onions drew me away and I started plating my breakfast. In my peripherals I saw Draco turn back to Faye and whisper something. She started giggling, covering her lips with a hand as she fought against laughing with a full mouth of food.

"You have to be joking!?" I heard her giggle ecstatically.

Draco chuckled lightly, "not for a second."

He returned to his food, slicing through his oven-fried tomatoes and pita bread. I chewed aggressively on my own breakfast, trying to hint my irritation to him. He remained oblivious, so I sipped on my ice-cold orange juice then slammed it down on the table. Still, no reaction or notice.

Faye leant over to Draco again, whispering something I couldn't overhear and he snickered. They gradually began laughing as Faye's joke stewed to the point she was clutching his arm and giggling.

I grabbed my bread roll and ripped into it angrily. My actions hadn't attracted Draco's attention - who was still gleefully leaning into Faye and laughing - but I had caught Blaise's.

"You right, Mel?" He asked from across the table.

"Draco, you're hilarious," Faye harped in the background.

"Splendid," I gritted.

Now I was further annoyed by Faye calling him by his first name. Only myself and his parents called him by his first name.

Blaise continued to watch me oddly before returning to his soup, nose close to inhale the fragrant fumes.

Does Malfoy like you?

What makes you think that?

He was practically hanging off you today at lunch.

I cut into my bacon and bread combination again, chewing roughly on the salty yet soft bite. Their laughter and touching was amplifying in my peripherals and ears by the second. I was reaching a point where I couldn't even hear Daphne and Nott's conversation beside me anymore.

I'm sorry. I'm just jealous.

My teeth stormed down on my food. My jaw was beginning to ache from the intense workout.

I feel lonely, Mel. I'm not usually the lonely one.

I looked back over to them, not even bothering to hide my frown. Draco's eyes sparkled as he continued conversing to Faye. She beamed at him blissfully, eyes saddled on his. I snapped back to my plate before someone noticed my severe jealousy.

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