Chapter 17: Tangled in the great escape

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'I let you down and started to run, Never meant to be your pain, What have I become'


"Yes, me. Now let's go!" Brett urged the girl who stood between the two criminals.

"You work for him? You're an Elitist?" She gasped, her mind reeling with the newfound facts and the realization that had suddenly struck her.

"Yes, that's why I got the job. He hired me years back for this specific reason. To break him out if he ever got caught." He explained quickly. "Now that you're all caught up missy, I think it's time we got going. Right Boss?"

"Damn straight." Terrence sighed, quickly walking towards Lilianna.

"What are you doing?" She panicked, backing away from him.

"You thought I was leaving without you? That's adorable." He chuckled, taking two giant strides and gripping her by the waist as she tried to turn and run.

"LET GO OF ME!" She screamed in a panic as he lifted her up and placed her over his shoulder.

"No can do, kitten." He tutted, wrapping a muscular arm around her thighs to hold her ninety-pound frame in place. He turned to Brett as he started to make his way out of the cell. "All covered?"

"Dolmen is knocked out and all the other guards are dealing with the riot on floor two." He answered.

"Perfect. And the jet?"

"Waiting on the tarmac."

"And Wallon?"

"Taken care of."

"Then let's go home." Terrence sighed in relief as Lilianna beat relentlessly on his back. "My books are already en route?"

"Shipped them out last night."

"Good. And our Queen?"

"By the looks of it, secured." He chuckled.

"Agreed, keep me covered while we exit."

"Put me down! Please!" She wailed, tears streaming down her face.

"Calm down Lili," Terrence said as the two criminals quickly stalked through the prison, Brett two steps ahead as he cleared corners and halls before the prisoner entered them.

"Please, Terrence. Please don't do this! I'm begging you." She sobbed hysterically.

"She's going to catch someone's attention if she gets any louder," Brett warned.

"Please! I won't tell anyone, I promise. Please don't." She gripped the tattooed man's shirt tightly. Her cold little fingers shook helplessly as she pleaded for him to release her.

"You aren't leaving me, Lilianna."

"No Terrence! No please." She whispered, hoping her pleas would strike a chord in his vulnerable and lovesick heart.

"I need you to calm down, kitten. You're giving yourself a panic attack." He said softly, his thumb rubbing up and down her thigh lightly from the grip he had on her legs.

"LET GO!" She screamed in fury, her acrylic nails sinking into his right side. He hissed at the sudden pain, his grip loosening slightly.

Lilianna took that as her moment. She pulled herself further down his back using all her strength and the grip she had acquired on his side. She knew full well that the force of her body being pulled against the nails that she had sunk into his flesh would cause him enough pain that she would get out of his grip. Sure enough, he let go of her legs and she flipped over his shoulder. She landed on her feet, her back pressed against his as he growled from the blood he felt trickling down his abdomen. He whipped around to grab her by the arm but she had already started sprinting down the hall towards the back exit of the prison.

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