"Hey guys," Mason greeted but his infectious cheer was somewhat dialed down. "I didn't mean to interrupt but it's kind of important. Scott, can I talk to you for a second?"

He nodded his head but kept his attention on El. "What did you want to tell me?"

The gypsy hesitated before shaking her head and stuffing the note back into her pocket. "It can wait. Go see what he needs."

Scott kissed her again just above her eyebrow before turning to catch up with Mason. "Why didn't you tell him?" Malia said exasperatingly.

"You've seen how Scott is with me. If he thinks for a second someone is after me, he won't want to leave my side. Other people need him right now," El tried to reason but it sounded closer to a plea of understanding.

"That's possibly the worst excuse I've ever heard," the coyote deadpanned and she was right. This would end with El seconds away from death at the hand of some trained killer wishing she'd told Scott.

The bell rang for class and the two parted, but not before Malia ordered her to call the second she needed anything. El smiled to herself feeling immensely lucky in that moment to have a friend like Malia. A friend like Mandy.

Walking into her first period class, El was prepared for the hounding she was surely to receive from Liam. He'd blown up her phone with several text messages throughout the night wondering if she was okay. She hoped he was ready to receive the same treatment because he hadn't responded to any of her messages this morning.

The smile on her face fell as her eyes landed on the empty seat beside her own. El sat at her desk and waited several moments before the urge to call him became too much. As the teacher was getting settled in the front of the room, she turned around with her phone pressed against her ear and hidden from view. Immediately her call went straight to voicemail along with the second and third.

Her fourth call was to Scott who also failed to answer prompting her to leave a hushed yet panicked voicemail for him. Only a minute had passed when her phone buzzed with a new text message from him.

He's fine. I'll make sure he texts you back later, was all it said and it did little to calm her spiking nerves. What reason could Liam have for not coming to class? He couldn't get sick anymore. Why wouldn't he at least answer her?

The surge of uncertainty drove her anxiety through the roof and she ended the school day with more raised questions than answers. By then Scott had stopped answering her texts, Liam had yet to respond to any of them, and not even Malia would pick up any of her calls. She was tempted to call Derek but he'd told her the night before he was going out in search of Brett's pack, and figured he was probably busy.

At home, her mother excused her antsy behavior and let her wallow in her frustrations without objection. Usually she would grill her with questions until El came up with a believable lie to explain her bad mood, but today she said nothing. Her father was at work like he'd been constantly since their encounter in the middle of the night three weeks ago and there was still no sign of either of her brothers. At home, she had no one to turn to.

Pathetically, El came to one conclusion. She knew who she could call who might just give her the assurances she needed. But considering how harshly she'd treated him the night before, she wouldn't be surprised if he didn't answer either.

"You only call when you're in danger. Are you in danger?"

She gaped, surprised that he'd been the first one to pick up in hours. "No, but-"

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