murice part 2

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Maurice pov

"Ug what have I done....i....I fell for a human.." I grip on to my face and sigh. Connie walks in " what's wrong suger. " I shook my head "oh nothing just...I don't know.." She smirked " you want something to make you feel better suger~" I smiled and start to get up then stop. "No I don't love you. "She stoped "what!? Why!? " I pushed her away "I love someone else....someone...better than you will ever be.." I say glaring at her in disgust as I walk out and slam the door. I go to the portal room and look threw into her room. " go back a few years will ya.. " the guy sitting controlling the room nodded and went back to when she was a little smaller. I smiled.
"Haha now kiss the bride!" She said making the dolls kiss I chuckled then seen Andrew walk in with a blonde " y/n and ...mommy don't love each other any more.. " then she started to cry "why? Food I do some thing wrong?...m-mommy stop...Dont go ...dont... leave.." She collapsed into the floor and bawled her eyes out. "Go forward a few.." He nodded she sat on her bed drawing " daddy who was murice? " I chuckled the same time as Andrew did " ah he was..uhm...a friend of mine.. " she tilted her head "can I meet him?" He smiled " I'm afraid not sweetie he dose things with guys" I choked on my coffee "little fucker made me sound gay drew go to present day. "......murice...if it was me that made you leave in sorry.. ugh what am I doing talking to my self..." I chuckled and went threw " actually-AH FUCK! " I say falling to the ground as she threw a cup of water at me "YOU SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUT A ME!!" " SORRY I CAME TO TELL YOU SOMETHING IS ALL!! " "SAY IT" "I LOVE YOU AND I'M SORRY FOR JUST KEAVEING AND BAILING OUT IN YOU KIDA LIKE WHAT YOUR MOTHER DID WHEN YOU WHERE 6" she froze and looked down " how do you-" "portals.." She nodded and say down I slowly followed her and sat next to her. She hugged me tightly and cuddled into my fur she sobbed " she died a month after.. " I rubbed her back "listen it's ok its sh sh shhhh." I smiled softly as her breathing went slower I got up and Tucker her in. I kissed her forehead and walked to the portal I stop and look at my arm to see her holding it " don't go... " I chuckled "fine." I go and skip in next to her she cuddled me once more as we both fell asleep.

Creakkk looking in I see y/n cuddling ...murice.. I chuckled "he's gonna have a lot of things in his hands. I shut the door softly and went to missy "I love you" she smiled "i love you to"

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