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I woke up with a headache and remembered what happened last night between me and Gelo, I cringed slightly because I didn't want it to be awkward when I see him.
I decided to go for a run to clear my head and get ready to go, once I'm ready I put my air pods in and play some music. I started running near Near a gym called 24 hour (Idk what it's called) and before I know it I bump into a hard wall but when I look up I see the person I least wanted to see... for now at least.
'Omg I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going!" I said frantically. He chuckled "It's okay baby girl chill". I tried to make small talk but he cut me off " So last night was fun" he said smirking at me, I looked at him trying not to go red from embarrassment "yeah it was" I said quietly.
He moved a piece of hair behind my ear "We should do it again sometime" I just shrugged "maybe" and with that I began to walk away after saying goodbye.
When I got back home I got a shower and got ready for the day ahead, I realised I had no plans so I would go to the mall and buy some new clothes and shoes.
After hours of shopping I went to In n Out and bumped into Terrell, I spoke to him and ate my food with him. He was so sweet and sexy, I couldn't believe he was single. He asked me if I wanted to come to one of his basketball games tomorrow night so I agreed to go.
After about an hour of talking I decided to head home because I had school tomorrow.
I got home and had a shower and washed my hair with coconut shampoo and conditioner and used Shea butter lotion when I was dry, I got ready for bed and watched Netflix before I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up and got ready ( outfit at the top).
I got in my car and decided to get a Starbucks, I ordered a caramel frappe and a bagel and ate while I drive to school. When I arrived I had finished eating and decided to just take my drink to class with me because I hardly drank any and was not about to waste $7 on a frappe. (Me)
I got to class early and took my seat waiting for other students to arrive while I was waiting I decided to go on Instagram, while I was scrolling I saw Nicole posted a picture of her and Gelo kissing from the other night I felt slightly jealous and decided to just like it so he could see I've seen it.
The class was now packed with students and the teacher began to teach, while I was listening to the teacher I felt my phone vibrate.

Gelo: Hey are you coming to the game tonight?😊
Katie: Yeah I'm going to watch
Gelo: Oh okay...
Katie:Why? Is that a problem
Gelo: I think you already know the answer to that Katie😒
Katie:Nope I don't, I'm single I can
do what I want. You have a girlfriend Gelo don't forget.
Gelo: You're mine and I don't have a girl wtf you talking bout
Katie:Stop playing stupid like you haven't seen Nicoles Instagram picture where she's confessing her love for you!!
Gelo: Fr that ain't my girl but it's coo I'll see you tonight @ the game😶
I was so confused about him and Nicole, the bell rang and brought me back to reality and out of my thoughts.
I made my way to the cafeteria where I saw Jas and the other girls Amy and Liv but before I could get to them I was shoved by Nicole.
"Who do you think you are trying to steal my boyfriend you slut?" She screamed at me, I stood up and shoved her back. " Who the fuck do you think you are putting yo nasty ass hands on me bitch?" A circle started to form around us but that was the least of my worries all I knew was I was gonna beat this bitch ass.
"Touch me again bitch and I swear it's the last time you will" I said getting in her face trying to make her hit me so I could rock her shit. She went to hit me on the face but I grabbed her arm before she could and punched her in the face making her stumble to the ground I then got on top of her and starting hitting her repeatedly before I was lifted off her by a strong pair of arms. "Try me again bitch I fucking dare you, you stupid ass hœ" I scream while getting carried to an empty classroom still unaware who had picked me up.
When I was put down I was met with a Gelo. I gave him a stank eyes "Don't you play with me either because I will rock yo shit as well" he looked at me with anger and pushed against the classroom door. I tried to hit him but couldn't because he had hold of my arms " Katie calm the fuck down now or I swear to god" he said seriously making sure to look me in the eyes. "Why what is you gonna do?" I asked him while he stayed quiet "Exactly you won't do shit" I said which I came to regret straight away.
He pulled my pants down and kissed down my neck making me moan, he started to rub my heat and lowered his head to my area. He began kissing thighs before sucking on my heat, I let out a quiet moan not forgetting we could get caught any second by a teacher. I grabbed his hair in my hands as he ate my kitty, it felt so good. He knew exactly what he was doing which concerned me ever so slightly. I was a moaning mess and after another 30 seconds I came in his mouth, he raised his head back up to mine and kissed me letting me taste myself. I was panting and felt out of breathe and I didn't even do anything, he literally took my breathe away.
The bell rang scaring us both so I pulled my pants back up and we both left walking to our classes.
We went our separate ways not before he kissed me again " I'll see you tonight baby girl" he said winking at me.
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