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"you see this?! this is avril lavigne in like, 2012," taehyung said, pointing to a photo of her from 2012, wearing a black sleeveless top with some dumbass tiger on it of some sort wearing glasses and a pink undershirt beneath. her hair had ended with cyan (ish) and hot pink tips.

every girl wanted to be her back then.

"this is avril lavigne now! 2018!" taehyung said, a picture popping up of avril wearing a long, silky black dress with see-through sleeves. her hair was much 'prettier' (i guess you could consider) now. gold and wavy, long locks, brown roots starting it all off.

"you... you see it now?! she looks completely different! look at how her face is structured and how her sho—"

"oh, shut it. you could easily tell she's the same exact person! her makeup skills just improved drastically! there is absolutely no difference with how her face was structured!"

here they are, some idiotic best friends arguing about some conspiracy instead of paying attention to the noises outside.

"dude, i'm getting tired... i'm gonna go to sleep..."

"bro! you need to make sure you stay woke," taehyung giggled, "stay woke for the people!"

"didn't we bring coffee?" jimin groaned, raising his arms up to stretch before he had looked over to the computer screen, eyes squinting in front of the bright screen.

taehyung had noticed, "yeah, i know, it's real bright. you should've already known that," taehyung spoke soothingly, almost enough for jimin to sleep. before jimin had began to slept, he remembered he had to "stay Woke for the people."

"anyway, guys, gals, and non-binary pals—"

"it's literally just the two of us."

"you forgot about me."

both of them had fallen asleep as soon the needle injected them.

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