Chapter 1- It's

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"Don't be that way,

fall apart twice a day,

I just wish you could feel what you say."

-Billie Eilish

Leone POV

I look at the broken and bruised man at me feet with a blank face. He is in a fetal position, trying to stop the kicks coming from my men. The man, Devin, Is a traitor, he thought he could disclose important information to my rival. He was stupid enough to think I wouldn't find out. Just the thought leads me to deliver him another kick to the face, jerking his head back with blood flying out of his nose.

"Finish him off and then dispose of him." I say to the few men who are near me. They instantly pick him up and drag him out of the room, probably bringing him to the underground den. I wipe the blood off my hands with a towel that a scrawny kid gave me.

I walk the short distance to the whore room, seeing men walking in and out. Looking around to see some girls with black eyes and bruises on their barely covered bodies, some of them don't get the privilege to wear clothes because of their disobedience.

I quickly find my second hand man, named Michael, he has a girl sucking him off while another massages his shoulders, both are crying. I hate crying with a passion. Quickly walking towards him, ignoring the cowering girls around me. When I reach him I glare at the whores.

"Leave." I command them. They move away instantly. With a frown on my face, I make eye contact with Michael. He is a strong build African American man, standing at 6'2 with stacks of muscle on him. "What is it that you need to tell me." I say to him.

Michael makes a gesture for me to sit down and signals some girls over after I sit down with my legs spread far and arms stretched out. Looking around the room to see the dull red walls with couches set up along the walls, some poles for the girls to dance on. Most of the sluts in here came from the streets or from family who didn't want them. The others are ones that have been bought to fulfill my mens needs.

"The Williamson's haven't paid their debt yet." Michael says, snapping me out of my thoughts. I look at him as one of the girls starts grinding on my lap.

"Who?" I don't have time to keep up with all the money that people owe to me, that was Michaels job.

"A family who lives right outside of town, the father owes us over half a million dollars." My lifelong friend says, staring blankly at me.

Pushing the girl who is doing a horrible job off of me, I narrow my eyes at Michael. "Then why have you not dealt with it yet?" I tell him with anger clear in my voice, I don't have much patience with anything especially situations that should have already been dealt with.

"Boss, you have been stress for the past month, I thought you would like to come with us and have some fun. I read that the family has a daughter." Michael says and looks at me with suggestive eyebrows.

I scoff and roll my eyes at his idea, "She is probably ugly as fuck." I tell him and we stay silent for a minute.

"So you going or what?" Michael grumbles to me.

"I will go just to get away from all the dumb fucks that surround me." I tell him. "We will leave tonight." I get up and leave the room, heading straight to my office. Grabbing a glass cup and pour a small amount of whiskey in it, instantly gulping it down.

I look at the small mirrors that's attached to my wall. Tracing the small scar on my chin until I'm interrupted by a knock on my door.

"Boss, its time to go." I look at the door to see its Michael. I nod and follow him out. Getting in the car with the few men Michael decided to bring. Two new recruits joins us too, not one of them look older then 18. I shake my head out of irritations, I hate having kids join when i know they don't have any kind of training in combat. They are just going to get themselves killed.

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