Kiss - Jungwoo

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After that night Taewoo had made it a habit to hold Jinseok’s hands, to guide him on the steps of the choreography when teaching him or just to gain his attention when he wanted to show him something silly on his phone or what another teammate was doing (Jisung being his usual self-more often than not) and Jinseok had actually grown used to Taewoo’s warm grasp to the point he didn’t question him anymore or try to make him let go. 

The second time someone jumped over his boundaries was more like the younger boy had teared the walls down, if Taewoo had made him feel embarrassed then this boy had made Jinseok beg the earth to swallow him right there and then. 

Jinseok had been eating his dinner in the cafeteria, it was late into the night, and his dinner had gone cold by the time he had left the practice rooms, but he felt he had improved that day, so he didn’t let the cold food bother him much, getting better was more important at the moment. 

Only a couple other boys from all teams were in the cafeteria, Eddie and Chang were speaking in hushed English on the other side of the room, the pink haired foreigner giggling cutely at whatever Chang had said –from the gestures the boy had used Jinseok was pretty sure it was about Yechan running into the mirror when he had played with the younger members- Dahan had fallen asleep next to Jinseok, his dinner plate almost squeaking clean and Kousuke played game with Shihyun on a tablet. 

Jinseok was so tired he didn’t notice someone walking up behind him until he felt a pair of hands rest on his shoulder, his body flinching away and his heartbeat increasing rapidly at being surprised like that. He already knew who was behind him by their chuckle alone without needing to see them, but the younger boy still sat next to him proving Jinseok right. 

“Sorry  hyung  I didn’t mean to scare you,”  

Jungwoo’s apology was said with a smirk in his face but Jinseok accepted it regardless, he knew it was as good as he would get from Jungwoo so there was no reason to not accept it. The younger boy glanced at Dahan with a quirked eyebrow as if to ask why the other boy was sleeping next to Jinseok but the elder shook his head. 

“What are you doing here  Jungwoo -ah?”  

Jinseok asked, if only to fill in the silence after Jungwoo stayed quiet for too long to be normal of him. The younger looked up to meet Jinseok’s eyes before he shrugged nonchalantly, a mumble about not being able to sleep no matter how tired he was leaving his lips but Jinseok could see the stress in his expression, how could he not recognize it when he saw the same in the mirror? 

“Should I sing you to sleep?”  

He chuckled awkwardly at his own joke, his eyes staring at what food he had left on his plate, the white grains of rice and disgustingly cold soup suddenly being really interesting to loot at. When Jungwoo didn’t react next to him Jinseok bit down on his lower lip not knowing how to get rid of the awkward atmosphere, he shouldn’t had tried to joke, he was not Jisung, Chang or Yoonseo. 

Before he can open his mouth to say anything else Jinseok feels something soft press against his cheek, the touch fleeting but leaving his skin tingling and his face heating up before he can even realize what just happened. He turns around quickly, his mouth falling open but no sounds leaving him, his eyes wide open as he stares at Jungwoo’s smiling face, his eyes forming crescent moons as he smiles so brightly. 

The pure adoration in his expression makes Jinseok’s face turn even redder, he knows he’s red from the tips of his ears down to his neck and he can do nothing to hide it, the more Jungwoo looks at him the broader he smiles. 

“I would like that very much  hyung ~”  

Jungwoo’s voice is teasing and too loud in Jinseok’s ears, he sputters to explain he had been just joking but Jungwoo stands up not giving him a chance to form a coherent sentence. If Jinseok thought, he couldn’t be more embarrassed Jungwoo proves him wrong in such a way Jinseok just wanted to run to his room and hide under his covers. 

“I’ll take you up on that offer sometime  hyung  but I think I can sleep just fine now!”  

Jinseok watches mortified as Jungwoo puckers his lips, making an exaggerated kissing noise before he turns away and leaves the now silent room, the other boys having stopped doing what they were doing to see what the commotion was. 

He reaches up cover his face with his hands, not wanting to be so exposed when suddenly he hears a deep chuckle next to him. Jinseok turns to see Dahan with his head still on top of his crossed arms on the table but he has turned his face to his direction, a smile he can’t read on his lips but still feeling embarrassed looking at it. 

“It was just a little kiss  hyung  you need to calm down, that’s asking for trouble here,”

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