Hands - Taewoo

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If there was something Jinseok learned pretty quickly about his teammates apart from how nice their voices were, was that they didn’t seem to comprehend the concept of personal space.

Jinseok had grown up being a shy boy, never one to initiate a conversation much less physical contact and he thought that wouldn’t ever be a problem in his life, all 19 years of it he had done fine enough, his friends back home never questioned and never pushed on his boundaries.

The same couldn’t be said for his teammates.

He had thought nothing of it when he first noticed how some members were already throwing their arms over other’s shoulders, how they reached to grab an arm and pull them towards another destination.

That was until it was done to him.

He and Taewoo were sitting together on the floor of their shared dorm room, both pressing their backs to their own beds as they scrolled on their phones, Jinseok’s voice the only noise inside the room as he sang in a low tone a song he had heard Chang sing at dinner and it proved to be very catchy.

“Your voice is so pretty hyung,”

Taewoo’s sudden compliment made Jinseok stop singing, his lips forming a small smile he was quick to cover as he felt his face heat up. Taewoo chuckled at his reaction and asked him to please keep singing but Jinseok felt too shy to do it now that he had his roommate’s full attention.

Jinseok was caught off guard when Taewoo stood up to walk up to him and sat down right next to him, a broad smile on his thin lips as he reached for Jinseok’s wrist and pulled his hand away from his face.

“Don’t hide hyung come one, you gotta get used to taking compliments!”

Taewoo’s sincere advice did nothing to calm Jinseok’s beating heart, the imply that Jinseok would keep being complimented made him only more nervous. He turned his face away from Taewoo not being able to take the younger boy staring at his face any longer, but his younger friend just chucked again.

It took Jinseok a couple moments to notice that Taewoo still had his long fingers wrapped around his wrist and when he turned to look at it in a silent request for him to let go Taewoo only changed his grasp, his bigger hand now enveloping Jinseok’s smaller ones, his thumb moving back and forth against his pulse point, the gesture somehow making Jinseok relax.

“Your hands are so small hyung it’s actually really cute,”

Jinseok whined and pulled his hand quickly from Taewoo’s grasp, the younger boy laughing as Jinseok slapped his arm. His face felt so hot he knew there was no way Taewoo couldn’t see how much he was blushing, but he didn’t comment on it thankfully, there was only so much teasing he could take in a day.

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