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"And press shutter button-"

"Hey! "

Wonpil looked up. "O-o-h hey Jae. " Wonpil looked down in guilt. He has been caught... again. "Stop taking pictures of me, seriously. " Jae grabbed Wonpil's Canon EOS 80D DSLR and threw it into the brush.

Wonpil stood up in an instant to retrieve his baby,  that's seriously his camera. Jae pushed him I to the brush with his camera. "Next time I see you with that goddamn camera, I'll smash it. "Jae pointed at the camera laying on the ground. Wonpil nodded fearfully. " I-"

"Speak up! " Jae spat in Wonpil's face. "I'm sorry, hyung." Wonpil looked down. Jae sighed. "Jesus Wonpil,  your such a baby. " Jae chuckled and put his hand on Wonpil's shoulder. Wonpil flinched and blushed.

Jae's smile left his face. "Faggot." And he pushed Wonpil back into the bush. He walked off with a smug look on his face. Wonpil stood up and brushed the leaves off his shirt. He searched around the bush to find his camera. He finally found it and prayed to God the SD card is still in it. He opened the slot and thank God! It was still there.

Wonpil sighed as he walked home with his camera in his hands.

He wasn't a stalker.... Well........

Once he got you his bedroom he pulled a shoe box from under his bed. He opened the lid to see all the pictures of Jae he has taken from the last two years.

607 pictures in this box..

"I can't wait to add five more! " Wonpil stood up and walked to his desk where he sat down his camera. "Wonpil, honey! "

Wonpil raced down the stairs to see his mom at the dining room table. "Yes, mother? " Wonpil asked. His mom was doing some scrap booking shit. "Can you go upstairs in my room and get my other scrapbook? " His mom didn't even look up from putting pink duck tape on a picture of Wonpil's younger sister, Jisoo.

Wonpil groaned and went back up stairs. "Where the hell is it?! " Wonpil mumbled as he rummaged through the boxes in her closet. "Jesus Christ. " He muttered and continued looking. "Honey! I don't need it anymore! "

Wonpil groaned and went back to his room. He plopped down on his bed. "Wonpil? " Jisoo opened the door at the slightest.

Wonpil looked up. "Yeah,  dongdong? " Jisoo sat on the bed next to her oppa. "There is this group of girls, they are all younger then me, but they made me keep a secret and-"

"What's the secret?! " Wonpil jumped. "I walked in the bathroom and they where smoking.... W-weed. They told me if I tell anyone they'll hurt my family. " Jisoo started tearing up.

Wonpil growled. He stood up. "Oppa! Don't tell anyone!" Jisoo cried. Wonpil stopped in his tracks. "Fine,  only if you don't tell mom I'm gay. " Wonpil pointed his pointer finger at his sister. "Deal." Jisoo nodded.

Jisoo walked out of Wonpil's room with a smug look on her face. "I should print these. " Wonpil mumbled to himself. He walked to his desk and picked up his camera.

He opened his closet to reveal a printer. He popped the SD card out of the camera and put it into the printer. He waited as the pictures of Jae printed.

When they printed,  he wrote the date on them using a sharpie.

November 29,2018

He picked up the pictures and placed them inside the shoe box. "There we go. " He muttered as he clasped his hands together.

He decided to call his best friend,  Dowoon. He plopped on his bed with his phone up to his ear like a teenage girl. "Hey Wonpil. " Dowoon spoke.

"Hey." Wonpil answered. "Any pictures of Jae lately? " Dowoon teased.  "Yes actually. Five new ones. " Wonpil fingered a losses string on his baby blue sweater.

"Wow Wonpil,  you've been at it for two years. " Dowoon laughed. "I know. " Wonpil laughed back. "But seriously Wonpil,  why do you take pictures of him? " Dowoon asked.

"He's just a piece of beautiful art that had never been recorded. So therfore,  I decided to do it. " Wonpil explained. "Wow. Any new songs lately?  Remember,  we have the talent show at school to perform at and you promised a song soon! " Dowoon muttered.

"Yeah,  I have one. " Wonpil reached over to his bedside table and grabbed a note book. He flipped the pages. "It's called,  누군필요해. "

"Woah. I need somebody? Thats seriously the name of the song? " Dowoon asked. "Yup." Wonpil leanrd on the headboard of his bed.

"Is it about you liking Jae? " Dowoon asked. "Yes." Wonpil kicked off his blanket. "Wow, Wonpil. Your confessing your love to him by singing? In like it. " Dowoon nodded.

"Are you sure it's going to work? " Wonpil nervously asked. "Of course it will! " Dowoon reassured. "Let's hope. "

Thank you for reading!

Actually,  누군필요해 (I need somebody)  is a real Day6 song. It alike my favorite song right now.

StAn DaY6

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