Comfort At Last

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You cherished everything about him. You had your arms wrapped around him. Making sure this wasn't a dream. You cried on his shoulder, breathing in his scent. 

He still smelled of ash, with the light scent of cookies, and baked treats. The smell of Aunt Cass's cafe. The smell of Home...

You continued to cry on his shoulder, as he rubbed your back to comfort you more, to reassure you, that he was back.... 

That he wouldn't leave again.

"I missed you so much.... So much Tadashi."

"I missed you too, I'm sorry for what happened."

"It wasn't your fault!!!"

He looked at you, he then pushed your head off his shoulder, cupping your face with his hands. Eyes reassuring you one last time that he really was there, right in front of you. He then pulled you into a kiss. 

It was sweet and gentle, but it had passion, a bit of desperation, he missed you, he really did.

He pulled away, looking start into your eyes, as you looked at his.

He had a little blush, something most people wouldn't have noticed, but you still did. You were going to say something incredibly cheesy when your romantic moment was interrupted....

"Y/N???????" It was Hiro.

"I'm DOWN HERE!" You yelled hoping that the others would be able to get the to of you out of the trench, slightly excited to show Hiro his brother.

Third POV

As Hiro made his way to the trench, he saw the face of the man, Y/n was next to.


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