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Ok look like this is not an update but i have on comming after i write this im gonna write up the next chapter and post it by today now its like 23:53 right now so i am kinda tired somce i gotta wake up and curl my hair and do my make up tomorrow for school because thats just extra me i wanna look pretty not like the real trash i am so anyways I was searching funny things out of my best friends second name and i found a kpop group named KHAN I was like whats this and I listened to their covers and song "im your girl"

I love them so much i will put the song and a few covers down here watch them if you can i love KHAN they're my fave girl duo and GIRL DUO NOT GIRL GROUP  My bias is minju her mad vocal skill took me away but euna is also my fave because pf her mad rap skills i die for both now here are some songs pf theirs also THEYRE BTS FANGIRLS AND SOME PEOPLE SHIP JEON MINJU AND PARK JIMIN I WILL NOT LIE I SHIP THEM TO

Khan -im your girl (their original song)


DNA cover by KHAN

Fake love -acoustic ver by KHAN
originally bts song

Battle scars cover by KHAN
my fave cover they did

KHAN Despacito cover

Now they have more covers but search them up

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