Chapter 8

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The pain.

"Emma!" Someone called. Why the fuck was it so far away?

"Hang in there,I need you to respond dear,What's you're name sweet-heart?" I frowned who was this? why were they talking to me so far off?

There was something ringing in my ears.

I looked around it was bury and I felt like I was being pull real fast. The only things I could make out was people heads looking down at me, it was hard to see them. My eyes focus on someone familiar. Ethan.

Fuck, the pain was everywhere. 

"Emma! I'm so, so sorry. I'm the idiot, I'm bullshit. Emma stay with me!" Someone cried.

Then I went to sleep.


I finally got to Ethan's house around five. I knocked on his door, and in just two knocks he opened it. Damn was he looking... not bad. He wore a white flannel shirt that he rolled the sleeves showing off his muscular arms was tucked in his black jeans, with his cool belt god knows where he got it, his hair was also combed. 

He looked at me up and down, when we made eye contact he cleared his throat and nodded, "Nice, you follow my instructions" He insulted.

"Of course Mr. Dolan." I comment with the same attitude.

He rolled his eyes smiling, "Let's go." 

"Where's Grayson?" I question, "Where are we going?"

He got into his jeep, and I joined him. I swear the guy has a lot of cars for a teenager- okay his eighteen, but still- I buckled up and ask the same questions.

"We are going to eat, since I'm starving, and Grayson is busy." He reply pulling out of his house.

"Since when?" I pondered. Grayson is never usually busy.

"Since now, it's for the new Merch* that is coming, I already finished signing my posters, his not done. And besides he didn't want to come."


He looked over, "Busy filming with Leah, sorry Sister!" He said in the most ironic James's voices.

I snorted, "'Kay then, just you and me"

The whole car ride wasn't awkward, but we didn't talk much. I did ask where we were going since we past most restaurants we go too, but he told me to shut up and I would see. I crossed my arms and huffed looking outside. We past an old lady in her old small Toyota car, and she kept staring at me. I did the most wise thing: I smiled wide waving at her. I think I scared her. Finally we got there and I couldn't believe my eyes. Actualy I do, since you know... okay never mind.

The place was Alerioano. Italian expensive restaurant that, let me tell you, also serve in vegetarian. They had privet balconies that show the most beautiful view (The Hollywood sign, I'm just repeating what they say on thier website) They had jazz, and classic songs live bands. They also had rooms just for you and her, or as many can say, a whole gang. 

"Shut up," I said. 

Ethan smirks glancing at me, "Aren't you hungry?"

"Dude, I- when? isn't this expensive. Why me?"

He shrugs parking, "Well I was an ass hole to you, so why not?"

"Fuck, you didn't have too" I smirked, "You were forgiven once you said 'Emma' at the store." I followed him outside closing the door behind me. We had to cross the street to the two story large building that was staring in front of me.

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