The Video

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" This is Tadashi Hamada"
"and Y/n L/n"
" And this is the first test of our robotic's project." The two of you said together

He watched as Y/n happily pushed the button activating Baymax only for it to be a huge disaster, with a loud screeching noise, as the two of two scrambled to turn the robot off.

Then it skipped to the seventh test.

"The seventh test of our Robotic's project" the two of you smiled.

Only for the robot to malfunction, as it started to attack Tadashi. Hiro saw Y/n try to sneak attack and turn it off but Baymax ended up slapping you away. Eventually, Y/n hit the button freezing the camera.

"Hello Tadashi Hamada again with Y/n...... and this is the 33rd test of our robotic's project." said a very tired looking Tadashi.

"Tadashi, maybe we should take a break, we have been going at this for a while." Y/n said from the side.

Soon something went wrong with Baymax and the lights went off. Hiro heard some cursing from Y/n as Tadashi grabbed a flashlight as Y/n muttered an, "I told you."

Tadashi then flashed it into the camera saying, "I'm not giving up on you, you don't understand this yet but people need you so let's get back to work."

Hiro saw in the background a smiling Y/n, admiring her hard-working boyfriend, as she shook her head, and sighed, "You heard the man, let's get back to work Baymax!"

The video then ended up going to another test.

Hiro looked at his brother, who looked bored as if getting tired of doing these test. Tadashi was rubbing his eyes and sighing, while Yn was sipping on a cup of coffee, yawning with a hand covering her mouth. Hiro smiled looking at the two of them.

"This is Tadashi Hamada"

"And Y/n"

" And this is the.... 84 test.." what followed was a large sigh from the both of you.

Then Y/n said, " What do you say, big guy?"

"Hello, I am Baymax, Your personal healthcare companion."

Hiro then saw the two of you looking flabbergasted, and then looked at each other with pure joy!!

"YOU WORK!!"Y/n cheered

"OH!!! This is amazing, You work!!!" Then Tadashi gave Baymax a kiss which let a smudge.

Hiro laughed watching the two celebrate. As Tadashi carried and spun you around, both of you laughing before pulling into a kiss. He smiled wiping away a tear. Remembering those times he would complain about the two of them being "Smushy". How funny it was now, on how he would do almost anything to accidentally catch the two of them kissing in his room, or in the lab, or even in the cafe.

Then Tadashi turned back to Baymax, talking about how he knew Baymax would eventually work, Y/n just laughing and smiling.

Then they had Baymax scan them, as Y/n smiled at her handy work. Looking at her coding behind the scan also wiping the smudge Tadashi created, while Tadashi was practically fangirling over the fact the robot worked.

"Neurotransmitter levels are elevated this indicates that you are happy."

"I am!! I really am!!! Oh man, wait for my brother sees you!!"

"Yep, the knucklehead is going to freak."Y/n added.

"You're gonna help so many people, buddy!!!! So many that's all, for now." Tadashi continued.

"I am satisfied with my care." Tadashi and Y/n said together.

The video paused with the two of them smiling at the camera holding hands. Practically beaming.

Hiro lifted his hand to the screen that held the smiling faces of the couple as their picture slowly faded away. He felt himself crying and smiling at the two. He wiped the tear away as he looked up at Baymax.

"Thank you." he said to the robot before continuing and then saying, "I'm so sorry."

"Guess I'm not like my brother." He muttered.

"Hiro." He turned to see the rest of team there.

"Guys I..." He started but was interrupted by Gogo hugging him.

"We're going to catch Callaghan and this time we'll do it right!"

"Not to mention that we'll find Y/n!!" Honey lemon added.

Everyone nodded agreeing to the plan.

 What they didn't know was that their plan was going to take a turn.  

And Everything Was going to change

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