She's Gone

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Hiro's POV

He was mad. He let Callaghan getaway, Y/n was gone, kidnapped by Callaghan's secret sidekick, his friends betrayed him..... Tadashi was killed for nothing.

 Tadashi had run into that building to save Callaghan, only to have Callaghan be the start of the fire and not even care about his brother's death. Rage burned inside him as he tried to get Baymax to open his stupid access card. 

He needed to get rid of the STUPID nurse card in there. However Baymax refused to, the robot kept telling him on how Tadashi and Y/n had programmed him to do no harm to others. The robot then asked him if Tadashi would have wanted this. That when he finally broke.

"OH GOD!!!!" he yelled attacking the robot with his fists... Then slide his hands down and whispered.

"Tadashi is gone..... Y/n is kidnapped...."

The response was, "Tadashi and Y/n are Here"

"No, they're not here..."

"Tadashi and Y/n are Here" the robot repeated.

Soon a video flashed on Baymax's stomach area. It held the cute couple both smiling and holding the sign together.

" This is Tadashi Hamada"

"and Y/n L/n"

" And this is the first test of our robotic's project." 

The two of you said together.......

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