He's Gone

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    Months have passed since his death in the fire. You were well known for your coding skills at the school. Because of it, you ended up helping Tadashi code/build Baymax. The two of you went as far back as freshmen in high school though. However, because you both were afraid of how the other would react, neither of you confessed your feelings to each other until you two started working on Baymax, about 2 years ago.

Only a couple of months ago, you were helping Hiro with his project to impress Callaghan and get into "Nerd School". That felt so long ago..

How Tadashi would always complain to you, on how his brother was a prodigy, that spent his smarts on both fights. He always came to you, asking you on why his brother who graduated at 13 was wasting his life and time, and how a genius prodigy like him was so stupid. You would always comfort him and tell him that one Hiro saw Baymax, he would be inspired to join the school. You remembered how excited Tadashi was when Baymax finally worked.

You were there for every test, however, Tadashi would practically kill himself and lose sleep, you would lose a couple of hours but nothing too drastic. You had convinced him to go to sleep on a daily and healthy basis, telling him that he had to be his 100% if he wanted Baymax to work faster. 

You checked all the coding, helped Tadashi look over the wiring, the spine, and the made sure the chip was being read properly. The nursing robot had over 10,000 healthy procedures coded into him, a scanner that would make diagnostics ten times faster. It was around test 84 that Baymax had finally worked.

He started the test not expecting much but when Baymax finally finished the sentence, Tadashi danced around, fists in the air, kissing the robot and then picking you up and twirling you around, only to drop you right in front of him. He then smiled at you and then pressed his lips to yours. You smiled at the memory as you were slowly brought back to reality.

The group had changed so much since his death. Hiro was greatly affected and fell into a depressed state. That's why you were so surprised when he told you his plans to turn your nerdy group of friends into superheroes. It was shortly after the mysterious man with the mask, that had taken Hiro's microbots from him, and most likely caused the fire, attacked you all that you saw the determined 14 years old. He asked you to be the navigator and "guy/girl behind the computer" as Fred put it. 

     You agreed, seeing how the old Hiro was starting to return. You smiled seeing all your nerdy friend group in their hero suits and especially proud of Baymax's. You had helped Hiro with the suits, giving them a comfortable/flexible material that could help protect them. You also used some coding skills to insert tracking devices, and some vital checkers, just in case Baymax went down. You also installed some cameras to help you understand what was going on and help locate where they were. Hiro also asked for misc in the suits so the group could talk to each other, and to you.

Hiro insisted on making you a suit as well, just in case they needed you for backup.

You currently were typing away in Fred's mansion,  leading the group to the abandoned factory island. You had helped Hiro advance Baymax's scanners so he could find the masked man with the new suit the two of you designed together. Man, Hiro was so happy that you programmed Baymax to scan all of his patients. You smiled at the memory seeing Hiro's face light up for the first time since his brother's death.

"So who was that guy in the mask?" Honey Lemon had asked

"I don't know! We don't know anything about him." Hiro grumbled starting to give up.

"Oh we don't?" you questioned giving the group a grin. Everyone stared at you, wondering what you were up to.

"Yeah, Y/n, I mean what information could you possibly have?" Hiro looked at you as if you were crazy.

"Baymax, please read the report on Patient 1329"

"His blood type is a B negative, cholesterol levels...."

"Wait! Baymax you scanned him??"

"I am programmed to assess everyone's healthcare needs."

"Yep, Tadashi and I thought it was a good feature to put in him. Took me a while to code it into his system. That why on the way back, I was checking my phone to see if he had any recent reports for patients, and here we have it. Patient 1329, also known as your Mystery Guy." You said giving the group a smile.

Everyone smiled back as Hiro tackled you into a hug, later making a plan to scan everyone in the city to find the Mystery Man.

They tracked him in the creepy island. You personally were happy to be the person behind the computer and not actually be there. It seemed that the rest of the group was freaked out as well considering how they freaked out a poor pigeon.

You personally laughed, thankful for the cameras, as you watched the group violently attack a pigeon, all of them terrified of the bird, while the innocent thing simply flew away. You also enjoyed Wasabi's inhumane screams and cries.

The group then continued on until the group came upon a weird looking machine. It was then that the power in the mansion went out. On top of that, the speaking system was going static.

"Hello? Guys can you hear me??? Fred the power in your house just went out!!! GUYS?!?!?!?"

Your only response was more static.

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